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Selmer Super Reverb 30

There's a strong trend in America right now towards smaller source amplification. Typical of these popular amps are the small 30 and 50 watt Fenders and the small Gibsons that are being used by so many of the top bands, in conjunction with really powerful P.A. systems.

It makes perfect sense for a band to limit the degree of their source amplification in order not to mess up their final sound, which is delivered through a large P.A. Unfortunately, many bands are finding severe problems changing over from major source amplification lines to using P.A. systems which mike-up every source amplifier or directly inject and then re-amplify to deliver over the main P.A.

The usual problem is sound swim and it's not surprising. If a guitarist insists on pumping out 80 or 90 watts, that initial sound will finally interfere with the overall balance of the P.A. sound.

It is perhaps for this reason that musicians in America have tended to favour the smaller source amplifier in the last 18 months or so. Seeing this trend, Henri Selmer & Co. have sensibly launched a new range of compact but powerful source amplifiers. Titled the SS Range the amplifiers range from a 15 watt practice or studio amplifier up to a mighty 100 watt unit.

Of particular interest in Frankfurt will be the new 30 watt Super Reverb Combo. This is a small amplifier, but small only in a physical sense. The true R.M.S. output is above 30 watts and Selmer are surely tending to be conservative in their power ratings these days.

The amp, as the title may suggest, is s solid state unit intended for sale to semi-professional and professional musicians who are buying a quality amp for the first time or have decided that carrying around 100 watt stacks is uneconomical.

Alas, as you might expect from the title, there is a reverb channel included. At a price of £99.00 for this amplifier, it can only be regarded as excellent value.

Most musicians will be able to recall their early days when they were forced to carry every item of equipment around with them. I honestly wouldn't mind carrying this Super Reverb 30 around with me. It's almost as light as a small suitcase. Despite this, the unit is solidly built of wood case construction with vynide covering and is fitted with two 10" circular speakers which are built to Selmer's own specification.

Production difficulties have delayed Selmer from delivering this amp to the public before now, but its young sister the SS 15 has been on the market for some months and has proved itself remarkably quickly.

Like it's young sister the SS 30 has a ridiculously high technical specification. Of considerable importance is the low "white noise" figure. As all studio players will know when they take their amp to the studio, how noisy it is on its own is of great importance.

Many many amps which are great for using on stage fall by the wayside when a highly sensitive studio microphone is placed in front of them. Selmer are confident that the SS 30 and it's sister the 15 will be extremely popular with session musicians.

Selmer have paid particular attention to the servicing aspect of this new line of amps. The solid state circuitry is easy to get at by removing the back panel to the amp, but the safety aspect is well catered for by the complete enclosure of the top end section of the amplifier. Reverting to the old and well tried style, Selmer have left the back of the cabinet open, and it provides useful storage for leads and main-boards etcetera.

The most striking thing about the design of the new amplifier is the high degree of refinement coupled with extremely simple controls. Essentially, each channel offers treble, bass and volume.

The recent addition of a reverb control on channel two is rotary-controlled, but is not supplied with a remote footswitch, as you might expect from the price. Selmer believe that they are going to sell many hundreds of these amplifiers in the first few months of their manufacture.

Selmer have had their own problems which have eventually resulted in their takeover by the Gibson empire and it may well be that with the added weight of this marketing force behind them, these amplifiers will clean up.

It is not beyond the realm of possibility that Gibson will choose to stamp their name on an amplifier not too dissimilar to the one mentioned here.

Retail Price £95

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International Musician & Recording World - Copyright: Cover Publications Ltd, Northern & Shell Ltd.


International Musician - Mar 1975

Donated & scanned by: Mike Gorman


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