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Article from Making Music, March 1987

gossip column

In pursuit of a hint dropped by Gibson President, Henry J, Smoke drifted across the Frankfurt Fair to confront Gretsch drum representative, Bill Hagner. Having first checked his credentials ("Two-tone green? That's a 6125 Single Anniversary, 1962 — I made your guitar"), we asked him about Gretsch guitars. "We plan to start manufacturing again later this year," he confirmed, to loud groans from vintage guitar dealers. "We'll be making traditional models, like the White Falcon, the Tennessean, all to the original specifications. They'll be American made, too." Good news, or what?... top US luthier Paul Reed Smith was spotted in Frankfurt on the Fender stand having a close look at the new Strat Plus... there is an FM radio station in Los Angeles with the slogan 'Love Songs'. Its call sign is Radio K-NOB Honest... if Frank Zappa hasn't touched his guitar since 1984 (Music Technology, Feb 87), what's that he's holding in the Jan '87 issue of US magazine, Guitar Player?... self-expression being such a big part of any musician's life, Vinnie Vincent's method of dealing with a Jackson guitar that wouldn't stay in tune is understandable. Firstly, he threw it at the studio window, then smashed it on the floor, set fire to it with lighter fuel, and finally pissed on it to put it out. Repairs cost him $800... Nick Lowe calls his bass a "posing pole"... anyone notice the recent Marshall 25/50 Anniversary ads, with all those nice pictures of famous rock stars? If we judge by the pictures alone, it seems Marshall are only willing to have left-handed endorsees — famous left-handers like Stuart Adamson, Eddie Van Halen, and all three members of ZZ Top... Robin Millar (Sade, Anything But The Girl producer) is thinking of moving out of the Power Plant, and is looking for larger premises... Lenny Kaye recently charged A Group £10,000 for producing their LP. Still, that's approximately five per cent of Trevor Horn's fee for producing Yes' "90125" LP... sources close to Ms Bush tell us that she has started work on a new album... last month's news story about Rickenbacker reissues was confirmed to Smoke in Frankfurt by company president John Hall. "Yeah, the same guy is shaping the necks of those guitars now as when they were new — his name's Richard Burke, and he's been with Rickenbacker around 30 years, I think." Let's hear it for the unsung heroes of the music business... former Casio demonstrator and top ivories tickler Richard Young found a message on his answer-phone purporting to be from Carl Palmer. "Ha ha," thinks Richard, "some joker." So he calls the number back, and says, "Hello this is Keith Emerson." Noises down the line of an extremely puzzled and rather embarrassed sounding Carl Palmer (for, as we guessed, it was really he), who actually believes it is Emerson, with whom he is No Longer Friends. Blushes all round... top music biz accountants can earn £120 per hour, which is rather a lot more than most of their clients... Tom Scholz of Boston (group) has injured his back playing basketball, and currently finds it painful to sit down. In order to enable him to carry on recording, he's had all the gear in his studio raised to chest height. Given that he's 6ft 5in tall, he'll have trouble finding engineers. The weirdness of the situation isn't improved by the low (7ft) headroom. See Mr Scholz on Whistle Test on March 17th... Eric Clapton ordered 400 Blowhard inflatable guitars for a recent party... Elvis Costello and the Fabulous T. Birds were spotted jamming on Willie Dixon's 'Help Me'. But not in Fankturf... They Said He Was Still Alive, pt.3: program controller at Atlanta's 94Q Top 40 Station is called Jim Morrison... beezer geezer and big pal Mark King was nice about us in March's Q magazine: "I just saw the January edition of Making Music and it said Poll Results on the cover... I instantly started almost shaking, thinking they'd better have me in one of those polls or there'll be trouble." Phew, that was close. By the way, we had that Level 42 single on in the office the other day, and guess what happens? The phone rings, and it's our favourite poll-winning bassist. Surely he can't do that every time someone plays one of his records?... Ned Steinberger was seen at Furtfrank singing (well, playing) the praises of a Chris Larkin five-string played through an Alligator 400w bass combo... not content with having won six W C Handy awards, Robert Cray is presenting the Grammies... "ten steins and a coke over 'ere"... the Simmons SDK digital filofax all-singing, all-Dancing super sampling drum thing had a bit of a cold at Fratfank. Four new chips failed to function, and an engineer had to be hauled off the runway to help rescue the next day's demos. The Simmons boys were admirably honest about the problems — though in view of the disappointing shows, it would have been hard for them to be any other way. They promise problems will be sorted v.v.soon... Music Man guitars are up-and-strumming again, with financial backing from Ernie Ball. They're being distributed in the UK by Strings & Things in Brighton... when George Martin installed his new digital gear in Air Studios, Montserrat, A&M Recording in Los Angeles were pleased to buy the old Neve desk that was used on most of Air's classic recordings (eg Police LPs)...

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Making Music - Mar 1987


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