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Smoke goes to the canteen, lounges around, and picks up a few dog-ends of idle tittle-tattle, then goes back to the office and... writes it all down.

Marillion fans watch out for a Fish vocal on the new antiheroin LP, in a collaboration with Boon from Level 42... Five Star rots yer teeth – RCA announced the Cadbury's are sponsoring their latest UK tour by sending Crunchies out with every press release... pre-recorded cassettes are now outselling LPs... New From The States, pt.1 – The Coiler, a 20 foot retracting guitar lead... Def Leppard's one-armed drummist Rick Allen was conspicuous by his presence at Donington. Although recording is relatively simple, Rick's kit requires a specially developed triggering system to enable him to play it on stage. His major problem is that his timing suffers when he gets tired – using only one arm, he has to make an extra physical effort to balance his body in compensation. A brave man... Steven from New Order is just one of the drummers on the new Bunnymen album... Aha, in Not Miming shock: the Scandiwegian trio were spotted in the States being supported by simple bass/drums/keys, and all definitely playing... Spike Milligan on early jazz hero Bix Beiderbecke (1903-1931): "If he was alive today, he wouldn't be dead"... and speaking of dead persons, did you see "The Buddy Holly Story" flick? Shame they portrayed him in 1956 playing a Fender Bronco – they weren't launched until 1968, almost ten years after BH's airborne demise. Better though is EMI's "The Real Buddy Holly Story", 17 quid for an excellent 90 minute original-footage-and-natter vid plus 28 tracks on two audio cassettes. Mind you, Richard Thompson told us a good deal of the nifty guitar work on later Holly records is by Crickets' guitarist Tommy Allsup... did you know Ry Cooder is actually a type of crispbread?... we called Virgin's A&R Dept when researching this month's Advances article. "Signed any bands recently?" we asked the person from the department that signs bands. "Oooh, dunno," she says, and puts her hand over the mouthpiece. We hear a muffled version of "Ere, have we signed any bands recently?"... Andy Kershaw and sister Liz at home, listening to Robyn Hitchcock records. Phone rings, Andy answers. "I'm gonna take this dreadful rubbish off," bellows Liz over the psychedelic drone. Can you guess who it was on the phone?... most of Talking Heads' new LP was recorded at the "Little Creatures" sessions... S. Le Bon, G. Michael, and Sir Bob were snapped at the latter's wedding jamming on 'Twist & Shout'... both Nile Rodgers (currently producing Duran Duran at AIR in London) and Eric Clapton were among those spotted jamming with Prince at his after show parties. It seems that Clapton coped admirably with the high action Ibanez provided, while Nile had a little trouble... talking of jamming, the J&M Chain have shed manager Alan McGhee, perpetrator of all those scummy scandal stories that spiced up the band's early days... so what were Paul Weller and Mick Talbot doing running up and down the corridor between our office and the canteen? Filming for a video, apparently. Must be the dry ice seeping from the toilet... Mick Hucknall from Simply Red is the first person to write songs with Lamont Dozier since Holland/Dozier/Holland parted company. Mr D. has also been working with Boy George... the BBC banned 'Monster Mash' in 1962... lastly, a big goodbye to Madness, who we've all loved in our time. Lovely blokes, too – every one of them...

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Making Music - Oct 1986


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