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Studio Diary

Article from International Musician & Recording World, March 1986

Who's in, who's out, where, why, and what. What?

Jagger — satisfaction at the Townhouse

And if you thought IM & RW was getting a bit expensive, then think again. Coming free in this issue is the latest Trivial update for your Pursuits. No doubt you have by now learnt all previous editions off by heart; that, for instance, the collective noun for Whales is a Pug, that the answer for any James Bond question is George Lazenby, and you are familiar with every permutation of The Beatles' line up.

In other words we've saved you pounds! Get out your cheeses, pass the Cuchy on the left hand side etc and prepare for Muso, the edition that with any luck might stifle once and for all the nation's obsession with trivial bored games.

1. Who was at (yes, you've guessed it) Abbey Road doing 'tracks' with Mike Howlett this month?
A) The Impossible Dreamers.

2. What were the teddy bears doing with Ronnie Reagan?
A) Having a Picnic At The WhiteHouse (who were also at Abbey Road, with producer Ralph Rupert... subtle huh? What a column!)

3. What was so great about the other band who called in at Abbey Road?
A) They were the Escape Club. (Green Cheese).

4. Which studio was a real gas for Midge Ure to do some mixes in?
A) Air!

5. And who's also been there for almost as long as anyone can remember, doing an album with Tony Visconti?
A) The Moody Blues (cf Studio Diary, Jan, Feb, Late Feb etc)

6. What was Billy Ocean doing at Battery Studios, with producer Wayne Braithwaite and engineer Barry Eastmonde?
A) Making his new lp.

7. And who weren't being artful there?
A) The Willesden Dodgers.

8. And who (or what) were seen bouncing around there recording a single entitled 'Touch Me'?
A) Sam Fox(s) (Purple Cheese).

9. And who else has been topping up the Battery this month?
A) Ruby Turner, recording an lp with producer Bryan 'Chuck' New; Steve Strange mixing with Simon Hanhart; and Mark Shreeve.

10. What was the red light district that Bluezone found themselves in when recording with Chris Corter?
A) Maison Rouge

11. And who were rocking all over that place with Dave Edmunds on the Desk?
A) Status Quo.

12. And who was mixing as well as Shaking there?
A) Shakin' Stevens, produced by Kerry Taylor and engineered by Charles Harrowell.

13. And who were the colourful folk making an appearance at Maison Rouge, along with Robin George (prod. Gus Dudgeon) Belouis Some (self produced) and The Blow Monkeys?
A) The Psychadelic Furs.

14. How long can I keep this crap up?
A) My job depends on it (Hard Cheese).

15. Why weren't the Rolling Stones at their respective country residences recently?
A) Because they were recording their new album at The Townhouse with Steve Lillywhite.

16. What other members of royalty were also there?
A) HRH The Queen working on a film soundtrack.

17. Why were Tears For Fears happy to be there?
A) Because their latest homeric project (an lp, produced by Nick Launay) had thus far not been interrupted by an interview with a Mr A. Deevoy. (The Big Cheese).

18. Who's been at Mayfair studios recently?
A) John Parr (doing filmwork) Bronski Beat (doing singles with producer Adam Williams) and Feargal Sharkey, doing a 12" mix of 'You Little Thief.'

19. Who was at both Mayfair studios and RG Jones (along with David Grant, Basia, and The Beat Farmers) studios?
A) A-ha (Nil points).

20. What are we short of?
A) Space (Blue Cheese) or... inspiration. Okay, you win.

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Publisher: International Musician & Recording World - Cover Publications Ltd, Northern & Shell Ltd.

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International Musician - Mar 1986

Donated & scanned by: Mike Gorman

Recording World


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