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The 'Hands On Show' Report

The Clive Hotel, Primrose Hill was the recent venue for one of the year's best exhibitions. The 'Hands On Show', organised by Turnkey, once again proved a resounding success, with major displays of recording equipment - all of which you could touch!

Unlike other shows where the public are only allowed to oggle, this show gave people the opportunity to get their hands on the equipment. The concept is beyond reproach, as it is inconceivable that the public would be able to try out a Soundcraft desk, say, and a Fostex X-15 under the same roof anywhere else!

Most major manufacturers of home recording gear were represented, and all openly displayed their products so that people could judge things for themselves, instead of being railroaded by some heavy-handed salesman. Technical assistance was always close at hand from representatives of the companies, who offered advice as well as answering relevant questions.

Discovering the pleasure of Portastudios

MPC Electronics brought along both The Kit and their Music Percussion Computer.

Andrew Stirling (Turnkey) overseeing the Portastudio / Multitracker demonstrations.

A live concert of the famous Synclavier was the undisputed highlight of the show, attracting a capacity audience to the seminar room. For those who wished a change, the seminar room was also the venue over the two days for some enlightening lectures and workshops.

Andy Munro (of Turnkey 2) examined the theories and techniques of home acoustics, whilst Dave Ward of Gateway Studios talked sense about patchbays, impedances and insert points on mixers. Atlantex's own Bob Wilson explained thoroughly the functions and uses of most of today's signal processors, whilst James Betteridge and Paul Wiffen passed on their respective experiences of the world's of recording and electronic music. The exchange of information during all seminars helped clear up many of the mysteries that surround recording, of that I'm certain.

The Soundcraft stand allowed people to set up their own 24-track mix using a Soundcraft desk and the Otari MTR 90 24-track.

Getting to grips with the Fostex B16 multitrack tape machine on the Bandive stand.

Having read the review in HSR, readers were free to assess the System 8 mixer and the Fostex B16 for themselves on the AHB stand.

Some of the most useful demos were those given of the Portastudio and Fostex Multitracker. Headphones were available so that you could listen, as Andrew Stirling of Turnkey guided listeners through the various stages of recording a home demo tape. Mark Shreeve provided the musical input, as a 'live' demo was made of tracks from his recent 'Assassin' LP, using synths, cassette decks and processing devices, all of which served as an educational eye-opener for many young people, whilst the seasoned recordists amongst them were reminded of just what is possible from such an inexpensive, simple and compact recording set-up.

The whole show was an enjoyable event and is fast becoming a true Mecca for home recordists. Here's looking forward to next year and the promise of even more equipment to get your 'hands on'!

Paul Wiffen's lecture covered electronic music advances, and was well supported by demos of the Simmons SDS6 Drum Sequencer and Elka and OSCar synths.

The FM-based DX7 synthesizer proved tremendously popular on the Yamaha stand, as did the new R1000 digital reverb and MT44 cassette system.

The MXR Drum Computer was just one of the machines that attracted many visitors to the busy Atlantex stand.

So that's what a parametric does! An interested visitor is enlightened by the Rebis modular effects rack.

Tascam's 20 and 30 Series tape recorders being put through their paces.

Dave Ward (of Gateway Studios 'multitrack courses' fame!) revealed the secrets of patchbays and insert points (amongst other topics) to a packed lecture room of eager listeners.

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Home & Studio Recording - Copyright: Music Maker Publications (UK), Future Publishing.


Home & Studio Recording - Jan 1984

Donated & scanned by: Mike Gorman

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