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If I were to say that the magazine you hold in your hands is the culmination of 36 months' hard work by hundreds of dedicated professionals, you'd probably think I was off my rocker, wouldn't you? It doesn't in fact take hundreds of people to produce one monthly magazine (we have technology to thank for that!), but I'll wager that there were hundreds of people involved in researching, designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing the range of products reviewed in Sound On Sound this month.

In many ways, new products are like people. They don't miraculously appear out of nowhere. They are conceived - often in a fit of mad passion - and nurtured lovingly through the long development stages, whilst others idly stand by speculating about their origins and how they might turn out. Once delivered, of course, they are the centre of attraction, until eventually the novelty wears off and they are no longer the new kid in town. That's when they have to face up to reality and try their best to live up to everybody's expectations. Some have a hard time of this until others recognise their personal limitations and accept them for what they are. Some never fulfil their potential and end up being used to perform tasks they were never designed for. Some simply expire from neglect. Others, sadly, are misconceived and subsequently dismissed as 'useless', only to end up on the scrap heap. A great shame.

But as we all know, it takes devotion, perseverance, and sheer hard work to bring out the best in anything - and that requires time. Everywhere you look people are searching for instant gratification. Few people seem prepared to get their head down and learn!

I'm glad to say that is not the case with many Sound On Sound readers. For as this issue marks the end of Volume 3, it also marks the end of Martin Russ' DX programming series, 'Practically FM'. When we launched the series six months ago we had a hunch that there were more FM keyboards in the world than probably all others put together, so it was natural to assume that a set of articles giving tips on how to programme them would be of interest. That is an understatement! From correspondence, it is clear that everyone has enjoyed the practical nature of Martin's series and would love to see it continue. That's not possible at present - but we will be running one-off articles related to specific FM synths in the coming months.

Also drawing to a close this month (but not disappearing completely) are the Steinberg and Dr.T Software Pages. These too have proved popular - in fact, too popular. It seems every software house in the world wants their own page!!! (It's at times like this I regret being editor!) So we have come up with a solution. Starting next issue, we will regularly run several pages each month that combine tips, update info, ways around bugs etc, from any software company that cares to contribute worthwhile information of value - and that doesn't include advertising hyperbole!! Stay tuned.

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The Shape of Things to Come

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Sound On Sound - Oct 1988


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> The Shape of Things to Come

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