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What's New

at the APRS Show

A quick roundup of who's exhibiting what at this year's APRS show.

The annual APRS show is here once again and so in place of What's New this month, we take a look some of the products on show.

Alpha Audio, Audio Services, Alangrove Associates, Autograph Sales, Audio-Music Marketing, Applied Microsystems, Audio Systems Components, Ablex Audio Video, Aces (UK) Ltd, Advanced Music Systems, Audio Kinetics, Ampex, Audix, Audio & Design/Calrec, Audio Developments, Agfa-Gevaert, Alice (Stan-coil), Amy's Shack (Tools), Amek Systems, Allen & Heath Brenell, Allotrope, AKG Acoustics, Britannia Row, Beyer Dynamic, Bruel & Kjaer, BASF UK, Bel Marketing, FWO Bauch, Branch & Appleby, Brooke Siren Systems, Clear-Com Intercom, Cadac Electronics, Cetec International, Canford Audio, Cunnings Recording Association, Connectronics, DDA, Dolby Laboratories, Drawmer Marketing and Sales, Elliott Brothers, Electromusic, EMO Systems, Film-Tech Electronics, Formula Sound, Future Film Developments, HHB Hire & Sales, Harrison Information, Hidley Design, Harman (Audio), HW International, Hayden Laboratories, Hill Audio, HH Electronics, ITA, ICM, International Musician, Industrial Acoustics, KEF Electronics, Kelsey Acoustics, Klark-Teknik, Keith Monks, Lindos Electronics, Lennard Developments, Mosses & Mitchell, Minim Electronics, Magnetic Tapes, Michael Stevens, Musimex, Modutec, Music Labs, Marquee Electronics, Midas Audio, Neve Electronics, NEAL, Otari, Professional Recording, Peavey Electronics, Pangbourne Musical Distributors, Penny & Giles, Philip Drake Electronics, Playback Studio, Quad Electro, Quested Monitoring, Recording Studio Design, Rebis Audio, Roland (UK) Ltd, Sifam, Studio Innovations, Sonifex, Shuttlesound, JHS, Sony Broadcast, Solid State Logic, Studio Sound, Swisstone Electronics, Surrey Electronics, Sound Engineer, Scenic Sounds, Soundcraft, Soundtracs, Space Logic, Sell-mark Electronic, TAM England, Tannoy, Tweed Audio Electronics, TRAD, Turnkey, Tandberg, Trident Audio Developments, Technical Projects, Uher Sales & Service, Wellard, Yamaha-Kemble Music, Zonal.

All these will converge on the Kensington Exhibition Centre on the 12th, 13th and 14th of June for this year's APRS show and HSR will be checking out the products on show. Tickets are available from the APRS, (Contact Details).

A new distribution company; Studio Equipment Distribution will be exhibiting for the first time at the APRS show this year. Distributors for Bel, Soundtracs, Standeasy and Applied Microsystems, SED will represent complete ranges as well as introducing new products. For instance, the Bel Mk 3 stereo flanger (redesigned into a 19" rack box) will be launched at the show. Soundtracs, too will launch a completely new range of mixing consoles that include the new SMPTE interface for the CM4400. Also there will be the M series intended for sound reinforcement and 8-track recording, the MR series for sound reinforcement and 16-track recording and the T series, which is an expandable 4-bus semi-pro mixer with 8 monitors. Standeasy stands and Applied Microsystems autolocators and synchronisers will also be on display. Further information from Studio Equipment Distribution Ltd, (Contact Details).

Britannia Row will be exhibiting three ranges of products, from Electrospace, Westlake and FM Acoustics. From Electrospace comes the already well established Time Matrix, and the Spanner, as well as the Gate; a new digitally controlled noise gate and the Strate Gate, which is a conventional version of the Gate that can be slaved to the Gate. As well as these products, Electrospace will be launching a new EQ device for special effects. Westlake Audio will have the complete range of BBSM field monitors on show including the BBSM4s and BBSM5s, as well as the Producer Package; two BBSM4s and an amplifier in one flight case that gives the producer the ability to travel between studios whilst taking his own monitoring system. For the first time in the U.K. FM acoustics will be displaying their products, such as a complete range of amplifiers and crossovers. Every amp from the FM 300a to the FM 1000 will be on the stand with its top removed, allowing visitors to examine their inner workings. Further information from Britannia Row Ltd, (Contact Details).

On stands 10, 11 and 12, Harman UK will be exhibiting products from JBL, Urei and Tascam. Among the JBL products will be a new bi-radial monitor; the 4425, as well as two new power-amps; the 6230 and 6260. Harman UK as also been appointed UK distributor for Urei Electronics and will be displaying a range of their products. Tascam will also be out in force this year. The new MSI 6 mastering machine and the 200 and 300 series of mixers will appear, along with two entirely new products at present on the secret list. Further information from Harman UK, (Contact Details).

Ampex distributors Pangbourne are putting in an appearance and will display all sorts of mastering tape. Further information from Pangbourne Musical Distributors, (Contact Details). H.H. Electronics, will have a new range of Mos-Fet amplifiers on show. Further information from H.H. Electronics Ltd, (Contact Details).

A new company; QuPlay will exhibit a new device that allows engineers to program drop in and out points very accurately. Further information from QuPlay Ltd, (Contact Details).

AKG will be concentrating on their capsule range, developed for use with the C460 pre-amp, the C568 short shotgun mic and the new K240 monitor. The newest product on their stand, however, will be the D321 mic; the latest addition to the 300 series. Lastly, the Singing Note Board, an audiovisual aid for music education, will be yet another new product on display. Further information from (Contact Details).

In addition to their Series 300 graphic equalisers, Series 700 digital delays and DN60 real-time processor, Klark Teknik will be exhibiting a certain DN780 digital reverberator/processor. This beast offers 20 factory set reverb effects which can be modified and stored in 50 memories. Further information from Klark Teknik, (Contact Details).

On no fewer than five stands, Sony will be demonstrating their complete 7 piece compact disc mastering system and two digital audio stationary head recorders; the PCM3324 and the PCM3202. They will also display four analogue recorders; the APR5002, APR5003, JH1103LB and JH2424, as well as a large range of microphones, portable cassette players, open reel players and other equipment. Further information from Sony Broadcast Ltd, (Contact Details).

Also exhibiting Sony products will be HHB Hire and Sales in particular the low cost processors of the Sony range such as the PCMF1 and PCM701ES. Also on their stand will be the Computer Logging Unit and Editor (CLUE), first shown at last year's APRS show that can be used in conjunction with any Sony video recorders. Amcron power amps will be on show, including the new Micro-Tech 1000 and Delta Omega 2000, as will the Tecron TEF10 spectrum analyser/computer. Demonstrations will be available of the Fostex B16 with the Allen & Heath System 8 2416 and the new Allen & Heath CMC mixer. In addition the Total Audio Concepts Matchless console and the Studer A80 Mk IV will be on one of their stands, as will a range of Klark Teknik signal processors (including the new DN780), Gauss speakers (including the new 3588) and the PZM mic range (including the most recent model; the PCC160).

Audio Design Calrec will be present, demonstrating among many other products their ambi-sonic mastering package, the Sony PCM701ES recorder, the Admix digital fader and the Calrec Soundfield mic. Further information available from Audio Design Calrec Ltd, (Contact Details).

John Hornby Skewes are going to display a number of products, including Audio-Tech-nica mics and the RMX64 cassette multitrack recorder. JHS are also appointed distributors for the Teczon Dub Multi 4x4 portable cassette recorder, which will also be on show. Further information from JHS, (Contact Details).

From Industrial Tape Applications comes three Otari tape recorders; the MTR90 (24-track), the MTR20 (2-track) and the MX70 (16-track). The new Scorpion mixing console from Amek will be displayed along with the Stargate 626; an addition to the 323 digital reverb, the 8X32 and the MSP126 stereo processor, all from Ursa Major. Further information from Industrial Tape Applications, (Contact Details).

A number of pieces of equipment will be displayed by Michael Stevens & Partners, such as Chilton mixers, Rogers monitors, Turner power amps, and Technics turntables - including the SL1210 MkII with digital speed change readout. Further information from Michael Stevens & Partners, (Contact Details).

Soundtracs' main exhibit will be the 32-12-24-2+2 CM4400 fitted with a patchbay, linked to a 24-track recorder and used with a Commodore 64. Other products on show will be the M and MR series mixers along with the European launch of the new T series of add-ons that transform a 16-4-4 mixer into a 32-8-8. The established range of 16-8 and 24-8-16s will also be represented. Further information from Soundout Laboratories Ltd, (Contact Details).

AVM-Ferrograph will be exhibiting several products including the Otari MX50 series of tape recorders and the AVM-Ferrograph Series 77 recorder. Further information from Audio Video Marketing Ltd, (Contact Details).

This year, Allen & Heath Brenell will be exhibiting their CMC range of mixing consoles for 8-, 16- and 24-track recording, as well as their SR series of sound reinforcement desks. Also the System 8 and Syncon B mixing consoles and the Impulse 1 drum computer can be examined. Further information available from Allen & Heath Brennell, (Contact Details).

On the Hayden Laboratories stand, Sennheiser will be introducing the new MKH40 mic, and Nagra-Kudelski will introduce a universal synchroniser adaption of the T-Audio as well as a new T-Audio console. Established products will also be on show. Further information from Hayden Laboratories Ltd, (Contact Details).

Although not usually considered to be a recording equipment manufacturer, Roland (UK) will make an appearance at this year's show. Items such as the SBX80 sync box will be exhibited, as well as the SRV2000 digital reverb and the Boss Micro Rack series that includes digital delay, compressor/limiter, flanger/noise gate, Phaser, flanger and graphic. Further information from Roland (UK), (Contact Details).

For the first time, Yamaha will be exhibiting under their own name at the APRS show this year. As far as signal processors are concerned, on display wil be the REV1 digital reverb, the YDD 2600 digital delay the new REV7 digital reverb, the GC2020 compressor/limiter, the GQ1031 and 2031 graphic EQs and the D1500 digital delay. All four models in the new P series of power amps will also be on display, as will the RM Series, M Series and MC Series of mixing desks. The redesigned version of the MT44 recording system, including the RM602 6 channel mixer, together with the S10X and S20X speakers should be on show, as well as the YMC10 - a MIDI converter unit, that can be linked to the MT44D system for tape sync purposes. Apart from this essentially pro-audio hardware, Yamaha will also be exhibiting their X series range (including TX816 tone generator system, KX88 master keyboard, QX7 digital sequencer, TX7 FM tone generator, DX5 synthesiser and CX5M music computer). Further information from Yamaha-Kemble Music (UK) Ltd, (Contact Details).

Beyer will feature a whole range of mics and headphones on their stand. New models will be represented by the MC740 condenser mic, the M380 dynamic mic and the HM560 headphones. Further information from Beyer Dynamic Ltd, (Contact Details).

Audio Services this year will be demonstrating their new 16-track studio system, that comprises a Tascam MS16 tape recorder and a TAC Scorpion console. Further information from Audio Services, (Contact Details).

Trident will be exhibiting a number of mixing desks. The Series 65 is available in several configurations, from 16-4 (8)-2 to 40-8 (16)-2 and will be shown with some new styling features. The APRS will also see the debut of the Series 75; a full 24-track version of the series 65. The Series 80B and T.I.L. consoles will also be shown. Further information from Trident Audio Developments, (Contact Details).

Atlantex and Turnkey will be exhibiting on separate stands. Various pieces of professional studio equipment will appear on Turnkey's stand, and Atlantex will apparently have some exciting new Fostex hardware on theirs as well as the Bandive range of products. Further information from Turnkey, (Contact Details).

Recording Studio Design Ltd will be exhibiting Studiomaster products such as their 16 series mixers and their 8-2 power mixer. Also on the stand will be the Mosfet 500 and 1000 rack mounted amplifiers. Further information from Recording Studio Design Ltd, (Contact Details).

Tam (England) will be exhibiting disc cutting equipment only this year. New items on the stand will be the TEM 851 tape EQ modifier, CPS 852 console, STL 852 treble limiter, GO 851 cutting amplifier and the DS cutting head. The oldest model on display will be a disc cutting machine made in about 1935!

A full range of products from Amek/TAC will also be exhibited at the show, including the new Scorpion series of consoles and the Matchless 24-track console from TAC. On display from Amek will be the M2500 and Angela multitrack consoles and the BC01 Series II broadcast and production mixer. The George Massenburg Labs computer automation system that allows computer control of several console functions will also be displayed on the stand.

In addition to the full range of Shure mics, HW International will exhibit the SM91 cardioid boundary effect mic and the omnidirectional SM90 as well as the SM98 condenser mic.

Over the Road

Following the great success of last year's Over the Road Show, it will be held this year at the Tara Hotel, Scarsdale Place, Kensington on June 12th-14th. The hours of the show are; 12th - 2pm to 8 pm, 13th - 11 am to 8 pm and 14th - 10 am to 8 pm. As regular visitors to the show no doubt realise, everything on display will be ready to use. Many manufacturers will be displaying their products there, including Aiwa, Aphex, Applied Microsystems, Bel, Fostex, Lexicon, MXR, Quad, Rauch, Rebis, Soundcraft, Soundtracs, Standeasy stands racks and screens, Studer/Revox, Tannoy, TC Electronics, Trident, Teac/Tascam, Westlake and Yamaha. More details about the show are available from Don Larking Audio Sales, (Contact Details).

Distributors of Rauch power amps and Turbosound speaker systems; MST, will be exhibiting their products at the Over the Road show in their 'acoustic igloo' using compact disc demonstration material.

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