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Landscape - Landscape Explored

Interview | Electronics & Music Maker, Nov 1981
With Richard Burgess And John Walters

Richard Burgess and John Walters talk about the make-up of Landscape.

Landscape - Landscape On The Horizon

Interview | Music UK, Aug 1982

The future looks like this


Interview | Sound International, Aug 1978
The Rhythm Section

Landscape's bassist and drummer recount their reasons for choosing to form their own label to Ralph Denyer.

This artist was mentioned in these other (non-interview) articles:-

New Electronic & Instrumental Music In The Late 1980s

Feature | Sound On Sound, Apr 1989
An overview

Mark Prendergast presents a general overview of record labels, artists, and recordings that make up the exciting area of new electronic and experimental music in the late 1980s.

Graphic equals

News | The Mix, Aug 1994

History of Electronic Music - Part 7

Feature | Topic: History / Culture | Electronics & Music Maker, Sep 1982
Brian Eno

Images Of Sound

Feature | Sound On Sound, Jan 1986

Paul Gilby outlines JVC's AV Graphic Synthesizer which has some rather novel ways of representing music in a visual sense.

Home Taping

Feature | Topic: Home Studio | International Musician, May 1986

Tony Reed chats to Chris and Cosey, a duo who've taken the DIY ethic further than most

How East Met West

Feature | Topic: Design, Development & Manufacture | Music Technology, Nov 1986

New technology has already brought the music industries of East and West closer together, but how has that affected the music itself, and what will happen as the two cultures get closer still? Gary Larson gives his viewpoint.

Trading Places

Show Report | Music Technology, Apr 1988
Frankfurt Musik Messe 1988

It's that time of year when the music fraternity descend on a frozen Frankfurt. Tim Goodyer and Simon Trask check out new gear, new ideas and tired feet.

Fact File

Feature | Electronics & Music Maker, Nov 1982
John Walters, Tom Bailey and Frank Tovey


Review | Micro Music, Jan 1990

We look at internal sampling packages for all the top micros in this definitive round up

Peter Gabriel - Passion

Feature | Topic: Recording Studios | Sound On Sound, Sep 1989

Mark J. Prendergast explores the recording process that surrounded Peter Gabriel's new album 'Passion' and takes a peep inside Gabriel's Real World studio complex.

Fact File

Feature | Electronics & Music Maker, Mar 1983

Richard Burgess, Roland Orzabal and David Lloyd

What It All Means

Feature | Topic: Sampling | Making Music, Aug 1986

Sampling is the subject this time: we turn the technical phrases into real language.

Take Control

Review | Music Technology, Nov 1989
Music Publisher

Aimed at the professional scorewriter, this scorewriting program for the Atari ST goes a long way towards making complex scores easy to handle. Ian Waugh goes public.

Recording Techniques - Part 15

Feature | Topic: Mixing, Recording | Sound On Sound, Feb 1991
The Mix (1)

Part 15. David Mellor looks at how to create the perfect mix.

Instant Pictures

Feature | Topic: Performing, Video / Film / Picture | Music Technology, Feb 1987

From Canada comes Mandala, the first instrument capable of translating video images into MIDI data - and vice versa. Jim Burgess points some pretty pictures and assesses the implications.

Where MIDI meets Video...

Feature | Topic: MIDI, Video / Film / Picture | Music Technology, Dec 1993

Two ways to control video images using the existing musical interface.

Roland MC50 Micro Composer

Review | Music Technology, Jan 1991

Having pioneered the Micro Composer in the '70s, Roland reaffirm the position of the hardware sequencer in 1990 with the MC50. Simon Trask is fatally attracted.

Questionnaire Results - Part 2

Feature | Topic: Computing | Electronics & Music Maker, May 1984

Readers' replies to the second half of our survey, analysed by David Ellis.

Visions of the Future

Feature | Topic: Video / Film / Picture | Music Technology, Jan 1991

One of the stars of Channel 4's Fourmations, Brian Johnson's Improvisions combine musical performance with real-time manipulation of video images. Peter Ridsdale trips on this.

Laurie load

News | The Mix, Jul 1994

Clares Rhapsody II

Review | Music Technology, Feb 1992
Software for Archimedes

If you're looking for computer scorewriting, Rhapsody could be what you need - as well as helping to save the Archimedes from musical oblivion. Ian Waugh gets to know Clare and Archie.


News | Sound International, Jun 1978



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