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Brian May

Interview | International Musician, Apr 1975
This artist was mentioned in these interviews

David Richards

Interview | Sound On Sound, Aug 1989
Royal Engineer

Mark Jenkins meets David Richards, the sound engineer behind Queen's latest album 'The Miracle'.

Eddie Van Halen

Interview | Music UK, Sep 1983

Exclusive words and pics

The Art of Propaganda

Interview | Sound On Sound, Jul 1990

Back in 1985, Propaganda made an astonishing debut with 'Dr. Mabuse' and the classic album 'A Secret Wish'. After years of silence, a split with ZTT records, and the departure of three-quarters of the original line-up, Michael Mertens is back with a new-look Propaganda, and feeds the party line to Nigel Humberstone.

Paul Bliss - Thoughts Of A Marathon Songwriter

Interview | Sound On Sound, Nov 1985

You don't know his name but you'll have heard his refrains. Composer Paul Bliss writes hits for the best of 'em using a UMI-2B sequencer package and several synthesizers. Ralph Denyer finds out how.

Paul Bliss - Innovators

Interview | Electronic Soundmaker, Dec 1983

Paul Bliss — Star Fleet Command

We found these other (non-interview) articles that are linked to this artist

Brian May - Back to Back

Feature | Topic: Advertisement Feature | Electronics & Music Maker, Nov 1985

Brian May - Back to Back

Feature Alias | Topic: Advertisement Feature | International Musician, Dec 1985
This artist was mentioned in these other articles

Guild 'Brian May' Model

Review | International Musician, May 1985

Dave Burrluck discusses the virtues of the new axe with the man himself

Royal Approval

Retrospective | Phaze 1, Jul 1989

wealthy, successful and influential, but not an ounce of dress sense in sight

Reader's Poll Results

Feedback | Making Music, Jan 1987

Who you (the readers) voted as best musician, and what you (still the readers) voted as best gear. We shake the world.

Shredder Goes To Frankfurt

Show Report | One Two Testing, Apr 1985

unbeatable coverage of all the new gear at the year's most important instrument show. Don't buy ANYTHING until you've read it.

Frankfurt Review - This Year's Models

Show Report | International Musician, Apr 1985

A glimpse of the equipment you could well be buying in the forthcoming year

Books 1983

Review | One Two Testing, Dec 1983

Shop now for Christmas.

Girlschool - 4 On 6's - Kelly Johnson

Feature | One Two Testing, Dec 1982


News | International Musician, Apr 1986

The column that throbs, the finger on the pulse

Vox Climax Valve Combo

Review | Music UK, Sep 1982

Blast from the past or power for the future? asks Gary Cooper


News | In Tune, Oct 1985

Fast Facts for Free

Enter The Time Domain

Feature | Topic: Effects Processing | Electronics & Music Maker, May 1983
Add Another Dimension to Your Sound!

Dealer News

News | Topic: Retail | International Musician, Aug 1975

Who's bought what from where.

Fret Frenzy

Show Report | In Tune, Feb 1986

The only COMPLETE review of the Guitar Weekend Show!

Dod's Crack Rack

Review | In Tune, May 1986
Dod 944 Chain Reaction

On the rack again!

Showdown '86

Show Report | In Tune, Jul 1986
ITs Guide To The British Music Fair

Barbican Bonanza!

Show Report | In Tune, Nov 1986
Guitar Weekend

IT's guide to Britain's premier guitar show!


Feature | Topic: Synthesizer Patches | Electronics & Music Maker, Apr 1984

Readers send in their own favourite synth sounds and how to generate them. Plenty of monosynths this month, including the Moog Prodigy, Transcendent 2000 and Roland SH-101.



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