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The Edge - Edgeways

Interview | Making Music, Oct 1986

U2's guitarist interrupts recording of their new album for an exclusive Making Music interview.

This artist was mentioned in these other (non-interview) articles:-

Tricks Of The Trade

Feature | Topic: Instrument Tuition / Technique | One Two Testing, Sep 1984
Guitar Tricks

quick ways to flash licks

Gibson Twin-neck

Review | International Musician, Nov 1975

Toa MR8T

Review | Music Technology, Feb 1989
Eight-track cassette recorder

When the first Portastudio was launched, it caused a revolution in the recording industry - now you can put eight tracks on the same tape. Vic Lennard punches in.

Hands On: Tascam & Fostex 24-Tracks

Feature | Topic: Recording | Sound On Sound, Jan 1993
Fostex G24S & Tascam MSR24S Multitracks


Review | Sound International, Aug 1978

Alembic is a word guaranteed to set bassists' teeth a-gnashing with envy. Steve York supplies the necessary.

Recording Techniques - Part 7

Feature | Topic: Recording | Sound On Sound, Jun 1990
The Session

Part 7: David Mellor puts a typical band into a typical studio and looks at the various stages of recording, from initial planning up to instrumental overdubs.

Live Sound - Part 3

Feature | Topic: Live | Recording Musician, Jan 1993
Loudspeaker Enclosures

How speaker enclosures work, and how to position them for the best results.

What It All Means

Feature | Making Music, Jul 1986

This month, we tell you (very softly) exactly what the loudspeaker jargon really means.

Step-time Sequencing

Feature | Topic: Computing | Electronics & Music Maker, Nov 1984
for Wasp Synthesiser and Commodore 64

Jethro Hill and some software that allows EDP's Wasp synthesiser to be sequenced from a Commodore 64: amazingly, no additional hardware is required to interface the two...

Willow One

Feature | Topic: Construction / Build, Home Studio | Electronic Soundmaker, May 1984

Build a home recording studio

Plate Reverberator Project

Feature | Topic: Electronics / Build | Home & Studio Recording, Mar 1984

Literally our biggest project to date!

Practical Studio Design - Part 5

Feature | Topic: Acoustics, Construction / Build | Sound On Sound, Dec 1993
Room Within A Room Construction

Digital Signal Processing - Part 1

Feature | Topic: Computing, Electronics / Build | Electronics & Music Maker, Jul 1983

The first of an innovative new series on musical applications of your home micro

HiFi Sound - A New Video Standard?

Feature | Topic: Video / Film / Picture | Home & Studio Recording, Feb 1985

At last! A new system that gives you hi-fidelity sound from a standard video recorder. Could it become the stereo reel-to-reel machine of the future? Judge for yourself.

How to Set Up a Home Studio - Part 4

Feature | Topic: Construction / Build, Home Studio, Recording | Sound On Sound, Mar 1989
Building A Rack

Part 4: Building a 19" rack. There is only so high a temporary stack of equipment can get before it becomes a danger to life and limb. David Mellor explains how to give your rackmount gear a happy home.

Fix It!

Feature | Topic: Maintenance / Repair / Modification | In Tune, Jun 1986
How To Repair Your Damaged Drums

Drum and cymbal repairs. We show how.

Tascam 238

Review | Music Technology, Jan 1989
Eight-track cassette recorder

The four-track cassette recorder revolutionised home recording and significantly changed the recording industry; will the eight-track cassette have a similar effect? Vic Lennard goes on record.

Zildjian Z Range

Review | International Musician, Mar 1986

Bob Henrit tries out one of Zildjian's most visually impressive ranges yet—and finds that they sound good too.

Using Microprocessors

Feature | Topic: Electronics / Build | Electronics & Music Maker, Nov 1981


Feature | Topic: Buyer's Guide | Sound On Sound, Dec 1986
Sound On Sound's DEFINITIVE guide to DX7 RAM & ROM cartridges

We bring you Sound On Sounds DEFINITIVE guide to all ROM/RAMs available for the Yamaha DX7 in the UK. Over 2500 voices tested and everything you need to know about the products revealed in a comprehensive round-up and table.


Opinion | Topic: Computing | Sound On Sound, Jul 1992

It has come to our attention that some of you have bad back-up habits. You know who you are...

JHS Encore EG50

Review | International Musician, Mar 1986

Busy Dave Burrluck, back again to bend a string or two on the new JHS. Encore!

Hamer Vector, Prototype

Review | One Two Testing, Dec 1982


Feature | Topic: Electronics / Build | Electronics & Music Maker, Aug 1981



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