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Andy Partridge - Partridge in a pair

Interview Audio | The Mix, Aug 1994

Andy Partridge - The XTC X-Perience

Interview | Phaze 1, May 1989

an audience with andy partridge, frontman for one of britain’s most original-sounding pop bands

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The Partridge Season

Interview | International Musician, Nov 1986

Virgin veterans XTC are under pressure to pull off a Pop success with their latest album, Skywalking. So is it open season on Andy Partridge? Chris Maillard takes aim...

Swindon Recorder

Interview | Making Music, Dec 1986

Exclusive interview with all three ecstatic persons, who chat amiably about office fave "Skylarking".


Interview | One Two Testing, Nov 1984
Over The Tracks With The Big Express

making The Big Express and strumming guitars

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Andy Partridge - The List

Feature | One Two Testing, Feb 1985

Andy Partridge tracks up

This artist was mentioned in these other articles


Index Audio | The Mix, Aug 1994
On this month’s RE:MIX mixed-mode CD...

The words behind the sounds on this month’s CD


Editorial | Making Music, Apr 1986

Welcome to your new free musicians' magazine: what's in it for you?

The Music Network

Feature | Topic: Computing | Sound On Sound, Nov 1989
SOS On-line

More news of what SOS is doing on The Music Network.

Thompson Vocal Eliminator VE-1

Review | One Two Testing, Jan 1984

One of a kind. Definitely.


News | Making Music, Aug 1986

'Ere, did you know that old wossisname is doing so-and-so with a wotchermaccallit.

One Two Tightened

Feature | One Two Testing, Nov 1984

finest quotes and handy addresses

Birthday Boys

Feature | Making Music, Apr 1987
And A Happy Birthday To Us

Come to our party, have some jelly, read some of our best bits, and wish us a happy first birthday, hip hip...

Stage Fright

Feature | Topic: Live, Performing | Making Music, May 1987

Do you suffer from the musicianly variety? Calm yourself down, turn to page 11, and feel lots better. OK now?



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