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Copycat Crimes

Feature | Topic: Copyright, Sampling | Music Technology, Sep 1988

Sampling and the law: where do you stand when you plug your record deck or CD player into your sampler? David Bradwell investigates the legal position and the attitudes of the music industry.

Copyrighting your songs

Feature | Topic: Copyright | Music UK, May 1983

Copyrighting your songs by Lorna Read (who nicked the idea)

Copyrights & Wrongs - Part 1

Feature | Topic: Copyright, Music Business | Music Technology, Oct 1992

The big deal in the small print

Copyrights & Wrongs - Part 2

Feature | Topic: Copyright, Sampling | Music Technology, Nov 1992

Ignore them at your peril!

Protection Racket

Feature | Topic: Copyright, Music Business | Making Music, Sep 1986

In depth question and answer session on the musician's worst nightmare.

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Sample Shop

Review | Topic: Copyright, Sampling | Sound On Sound, Jun 1993

Resident 'DJ' Wilf Smarties gives a new batch of CDs a spin.



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