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A Brief History Of Live

Feature | Topic: Live | Recording Musician, May 1993

Two of the industry's brightest names cast their minds back and reminisce to RM about the birth of the PA system.

A Hire Plane

Feature | Topic: Live | One Two Testing, Feb 1985
PA Hire

how to do it, what to avoid

Access all areas

Feature | Topic: Live | The Mix, Aug 1994
Glastonbury sound

PA secrets behind one of Britain’s biggest festivals

Adventures In Television Recording

Feature | Topic: Live, Recording, Video / Film / Picture | Home & Studio Recording, Feb 1986

John Harris draws on personal experience to reveal some of the problems encountered when recording TV pop music programmes.

Animal Magic

Feature | Topic: Live | Music Technology, Oct 1993
Zoo TV

MT goes backstage at U2's multimedia spectacular and discovers the technical realities behind Eno and the band's vision. Engineer Dave Lemmink unveils the system that redefines stadium rock

Are You Insured?

Feature | Topic: Live, Music Business | Sound On Sound, Mar 1992
How To Avoid Losing Everything

Theft from your home or from a gig could leave you with no way of replacing valuable equipment. Zenon Schoepe explains how to keep yourself covered.

Bad Gigs

Feature | Topic: Live, Performing | One Two Testing, Dec 1985

a checklist to help avoid them

Blackbushe '78 Revisited

Feature | Topic: Live | Sound International, Sep 1978
Sound at the Blackbushe outdoor festival

Busker Bloodvessel

Feature | Topic: Live, Performing | Making Music, Aug 1986
Going Busking

Should you do it? Can you legally do it? Have you got the right sort of songs to do it?

Buy or Hire?

Feature | Topic: Live | Sound On Sound, Mar 1992
The Benefits Of Hiring Equipment

Hire companies may provide your only means of obtaining equipment for a gig or session, or give you hands-on experience of potential purchases. Zenon Schoepe looks at what you get for your money.

Camera Shy

Feature | Topic: Live, Video / Film / Picture | Making Music, Apr 1987
TV Sound

How the experts go about getting better concert noise on the box

Contact Miking Stringed Instruments

Feature | Topic: Live, Microphones, Recording | Home & Studio Recording, Nov 1983

Contact miking stringed instruments.

Control Zones

Feature | Topic: Live | Sound On Sound, Mar 1992
The Case For Master Keyboards

Master keyboards may seem expensive for 'dumb' instruments, but a good controller can make a player's life a whole lot easier. Julian Colbeck explains.

Cutting Crew

Feature | Topic: Live | Micro Music, Feb 1990

We go behind the scenes to see how the Cutting Crew pull together their live performances

Deaf Defying - Part 1

Feature Series | Topic: Live | One Two Testing, Dec 1984
Going Deaf?

loud music and the ears


Feature | Topic: Live | Electronics & Music Maker, Mar 1981


Feature | Topic: Live | Electronics & Music Maker, Jan 1982


Feature | Topic: Electronics / Build, Live | Electronics & Music Maker, Oct 1981

Equalisation and metering for disco and stage.

Down the Tube

Feature | Topic: Live, Video / Film / Picture | Home & Studio Recording, Jun 1986

John Harris and Shirley Gray take a look behind the scenes to find out how the tube is recorded and how much planning is necessary to produce the apparent unrehearsed chaos that we all know and love.

Drummers Drumming - Part 5

Feature Series | Topic: Live | One Two Testing, Apr 1985
Mark Brzezicki on the road

keeping Big Country's kit on the road

Drummers Drumming - Part 8

Feature Series | Topic: Live, Recording | One Two Testing, Apr 1985
Balancing Kits

an even sound for your setup

Environmentally funky

Feature | Topic: Live | The Mix, Sep 1994
Live sound levels

Keeping the law enforcers sweet


Feature | Topic: Live | Music Technology, Feb 1994

Legal raves demand state-of-the-art audio-visual technology, and Fantazia are the experts. Dave Arcari reports from the dance floor


Feature | Topic: Live | Making Music, Mar 1987

The sort you don’t want — noisy, howlround stuff — and how to stop it


Feature | Topic: Live | Music UK, Aug 1982

Lorna Read learns about stage fireworks. We pick up the pieces



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