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A Sound Design

Review | Electronic Soundmaker, Jan 1985
Design Studio Programs

A set of programs for the Spectrum to enable you to unravel the mysteries of DX synthesis.

C-Lab Explorer 1000

Review | Music Technology, Sep 1989
Atari Editing Software

Digital and analogue technology meet face to face in this editing software for the Oberheim Matrix 1000. Vic Lennard explores the possibilities.

C-Lab Explorer 32

Review | Music Technology, Oct 1989
Atari ST Software

Not only will Explorer 32 edit sounds on Roland's MT32, MT100, E10, E20, D5, D10, D20, D110, D50 and D550, it will also store edits in C-Lab's Creator and Notator sequencers. Ian Waugh is Our Man in LA.


Review | Sound On Sound, Feb 1990
Universal Patch Librarian

Tired of rummaging through RAM cards and boxes of floppy disks in search of a particular synth patch? Greg Truckell checks out a far more convenient way to store and recall patches.

Compu-Mates R100 DrumDroid

Review | Music Technology, Feb 1988

A new programming aid for the Kawai R100 takes the form of DrumDroid software for the Atari ST. Scott Gershin becomes a "mouse drummer".


Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Dec 1985
Yamaha CX5M Software

Three packages for the CX5M — eight-track real-time sequencer, DX21 voice editor and RX editor — are put through their paces by E&MM’s review team.

Dr T'S D110 Editor

Review | Music Technology, Jan 1989
Software for the Atari ST

The latest in Dr T's Caged Artist series of editors is an Atari ST program for Roland's popular D110 synthesis mdule. Vic Lennard takes his L/A the easy way.

Dr T's X-Or

Review | Sound On Sound, Dec 1991
Universal Patch Editor/Librarian

Dr. T's universal patch editor/librarian makes the journey from Atari to Mac picking up a host of new features en route, as Kendall Wrightson discovers.


Review | Music Technology, Nov 1989

With the novelty wearing off dedicated software synth editors, the race is on to come up with the definitive generic editor. Ian Waugh test-drives Dr T's entry.

Dr.T Xor

Review | Sound On Sound, Nov 1989
System Exclusive Orchestrator

If you have a large number of disorganised patches and an unruly MIDI network, then Xor is made for you. It is designed to make sound management and working with MIDI instruments easier. Martin Russ finds out if the claims are true.

EMC SY/TG55 Manager/Editor

Review | Music Technology, May 1991
Atari ST Software

Is it a librarian? Is it a manager? Ian Waugh checks out this flexible ST software companion to Yamaha's SY55 synth - and reckons he can't manage without it.

Ensoniq ESQ/SQ80 Voice Editors

Review | Sound On Sound, Jun 1988

More and more synth owners are turning to computer based voice editing software to take the drudgery out of programming their own sounds. We asked Matthew Newman of the Ensoniq Users Club to compare three ESQ/SQ80 editors from Soundbits, Dr T and Steinberg.

FM 4-Operator Editors

Review | Music Technology, Jul 1988

Two software packages that offer a generic approach to sound creation on Yamaha's four-operator FM synths. Ian Waugh boots up Dr T's 4-Op Deluxe and the Soundbits 4X4.

Geerdes D-Series Editor

Review | Music Technology, Mar 1992

If you're using one of Roland's D-series synths (or an MT32) and you're tired of doing battle with its programming system, this ST editor/librarian can help. Gordon Reid goes soft on his D5.

Geerdes SY77 Softworkstation

Review | Music Technology, Jan 1991
SY77 Editor/Librarian/Manager

The first of the software assists for editing and archiving on Yamaha's flagship SY77 comes from Germany. Ian Waugh breaks out the schnapps.

GenPatch ST MIDI Librarian

Review | Sound On Sound, Mar 1988

How on earth could buying a generic patch librarian program from Hybrid Arts actually save you money? Martin Russ explains how.

Graphically Yours

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Aug 1985

It's now some 18 months since the company first produced MIDI software for home micros, and now SIEL have come up with two of their most attractive packages yet. Trish McGrath has the details.

GRI-Soft CP-Gen

Review | Music Technology, Mar 1994
universal MIDI controller for the Atari ST

An editor for all synths - SysEx permitting...

Harness the Waves

Review | Micro Music, Aug/Sep 1989

Colin Cat takes the K-1r to greater heights with Drumware's Editor/Librarian package

Heavenly Music Easel

Review | Music Technology, Sep 1993
ST editing software for the Sound Canvas

The success of your Canvas could rest on this software.

Hollis MIDIman

Review | Music Technology, Aug 1989
Universal Patch Editor for Atari ST

Following on from the success of the Trackman sequencing software, Hollis Research have released a universal patch editor and librarian for the Atari ST. Ian Waugh finds the universe at his fingertips.

Hollis Research MIDIman

Review | Sound On Sound, Oct 1989

If you own more than one MIDI synthesizer and an Atari ST, then this universal editor/MIDI controller desk accessory could revolutionise the way you work. Martin Russ explores ...

Hybrid Arts GenPatch

Review | Music Technology, Apr 1988
Software for the Atari ST

A generic patch librarian from a familiar American company. Vic Leonard looks at a convenient way of solving the problems of patch storage and organisation - provided you've got an ST.

Joreth System 7 & CZ Editor

Review | Sound On Sound, May 1987
Software for Commodore 64

Ian Waugh takes a look at this combined MIDI sequencer/librarian package, and voice editors for the CZ and DX synth ranges.



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