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Review | Sound On Sound, Oct 1993
Kawai K11 Keyboard Synth

The ever-popular K1 has been the mainstay of many a hi-tech musician's keyboard armoury, but will this 32-note polysynth follow in its footsteps?

Kawai K1

Review | Music Technology, Jun 1988

Kawai's latest synthesiser combines samples with sounds created using additive synthesis. Simon Trask investigates what could be a new dimension in synthesiser technology.

Kawai K1 II

Review | Music Technology, Oct 1989

Kawai K1: the sequel - Kawai have added onboard effects and a new sound library to their popular K1 synth to produce the K1 II. Ian Waugh likes what he hears.

Kawai K1 II

Review | Sound On Sound, Dec 1989
The Sequel

Recognising a hit when they make one, Kawai have added independent drum voices and a digital effects section to the popular K1 and called the result the K1 II. Kendall Wrightson plays spot the difference.

Kawai K1 Synthesizer

Review | Sound On Sound, Jun 1988

Kawai's latest 16-voice multitimbral keyboard is packed with features and aimed fairly and squarely at D50/ESQ territory. Its PCM sampled waveforms include drums and percussion, a host of standard and exotic instruments, as well as the best of the additive synth waveforms gleaned from the K5. It also has one ace up its sleeve - its price. Ian Gilby tells it like it is.

Kawai K1-II

Review | Micro Music, Feb 1990

Eddy Roberts takes us through the K1-II synthesizer from Kawai

Kawai K1/K1M

Review | Music Technology, Mar 1988

Before you try to win one in our competition, this preview of Kawai's latest synth (and rack-mount alternative) should help whet your appetite.

Kawai K10 Spectra

Review | Music Technology, Jun 1991

Just as it was about to fade from popular memory, Kawai's PCM/DC synthesis is revived in the new Spectra synth. Ian Waugh asks if it's been missed or simply missing.

Kawai K3

Review | Sound On Sound, Dec 1986
Digital Wave Memory Synthesizer

A digital wave memory synthesizer to be precise. Kawai may well be the world's largest supplier of acoustic pianos but does their forte also lie in the hi-tech field? Mark Jenkins investigates.

Kawai K3 Synth System

Review | Music Technology, Dec 1986
Digital Wave Memory Synthesiser

Rick Davies gets to grips with a polyphonic synthesiser that allows users to create their own waveforms, a process made easier by Hybrid Arts' voice editing software.

Kawai K4

Review | Sound On Sound, Jan 1990
16-Bit Digital Synthesizer

Following on from the success of their extremely popular K1, Kawai have gone upmarket with the 16-bit K4. Tony Wride looks at the company's new flagship synth.

Kawai K4 & K4R

Review | Music Technology, Dec 1989

Kawai's latest synth comes complete with their latest approach to sound creation: Digital Multi Spectrum synthesis. Ian Waugh checks out some serious competition for FM and LA.

Kawai K5

Review | Sound On Sound, Dec 1987
The Additive synthesizer

Once upon a time, 'additive synthesis' was an expensive and little used option on expensive computer music systems. Now, thanks to Kawai's latest keyboard, there is an instrument dedicated to this type of synthesis. Paul Wiffen, long-time advocate of creating your own waveforms, investigates.

Kawai K5 and K5m

Review | Music Technology, Aug 1987
Multi-Dimensional Synthesisers

Expanding the "user waveform"approach of their K3 to almost full additive waveform proportions has given Kawai what they call a "multi-dimensional" synthesiser. Bob O'Donnell likes what he hears.

Kawai K5 Synthesiser

Review | Music Technology, Apr 1987

Real-time additive synthesis at an affordable price will become a reality when the KS hits the shops later this year. Rick Davies previews Kawai's best yet.

Kawai SX-210

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Jul 1983

SX Appeal

Review | Electronic Soundmaker, Feb 1985
Kawai SX-240

Kawai's SX 240 portable keyboard appeals to the eye but what about the ear?

We found these other (non-review) articles that are linked to this gear

Making More Of The Kawai K5

Feature | Topic: Synthesis & Sound Design, Vintage Instruments | Sound On Sound, Aug 1990

Martin Russ reflects on a cult phenomenon: Kawai’s K5 additive synthesizer.

Making The Most Of Your Kawai K1

Feature | Topic: Synthesis & Sound Design | Sound On Sound, Feb 1990

How would you like to hear a filter sweep, or digital delay effects, coming from your Kawai K1? Greg Truckell looks at how to make a K1 do six impossible things before breakfast.


Feature | Topic: Synthesizer Patches | Music Technology, Jan 1989

A review of PA Decoder's D50 ROM Vol II joins patches for the Ensoniq ESQ1, Kawai K1 and Korg DW6000 in this months' selection of readers' sounds.

Polyphonic Synthesizers

Feature | Topic: Vintage Instruments | Electronic Soundmaker, Dec 1983

A survey of trendsetters

This article has no OCR bodytext.Prize Guys

Competition | Music Technology, Sep 1988

Find out if you're the winner of our Akai S700 sampler competition. Plus the winner of our Kawai K1 competition puts in a VIP appearance at the British Music Fair.



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