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Alesis Data Filer

Review | Music Technology, Jan 1990

The latest MIDI data recorder to appear is the Alesis Datafiler SysEx recorder, which allows you to record system exclusive info direct to disk. Filing with Vic Lennard.

Elka CR99

Review | Music Technology, May 1989
MIDI Disk Recorder

Meanwhile, Elka have called their CR99 a MIDI Disk Recorder rather than a MIDI sequencer. Vic Lennard goes on record with a MIDI sequencer with a few surprises up its sleeve.

Elka CR99

Review | Micro Music, Mar 1990
MIDI Disk Recorder

Paul Overaa looks at a unit about to make a big impact on the MIDI scene - The Elka Orla

Elka CR99 MIDI Disk Recorder

Review | Sound On Sound, Apr 1989

Paul Ireson takes a look at a new kind of direct-to-disk recorder, which stores MIDI rather than audio data. Could it be the ideal live sequencer, he wonders?

Frontal Lobe & PCM Channel

Review | Music Technology, Apr 1991
Korg M1 Enhancement

Much talked about in the US but still unavailable in the UK, Cannon's Frontal Lobe promises a new lease of life for your Korg M1. Gordon Reid asks "does it deliver?"

Keeping Up To Date

Review | Sound On Sound, Dec 1990
Alesis Quadraverb Plus and Datadisk SQ

Upgrading your equipment doesn't always mean selling the old stuff and replacing it entirely: new facilities and features may be only a chip away. Tony Hastings looks at updated versions of two Alesis units.


Review | Sound On Sound, May 1987
Disk Recorder / Sequencer

Mark Jenkins gets to grips with this unassuming dual channel MIDI sequencer from the States and unearths some interesting facts...

Miditemp MP44 MIDI Player

Review | Music Technology, Dec 1990
MIDI Data Recorder

Latest in the emerging trend of MIDI data recorders is MIDItemp's MIDI Player - a composite 64-track sequencer, MIDI processor and patching matrix. Vic Lennard takes on a temp.

Robo Bop

Review | Sound On Sound, Oct 1993
Quasimidi Style Drive Realtime Arranger

Yamaha MDF2 Data Filer

Review | Sound On Sound, Jun 1992

Martin Russ files his report on a MIDI accessory which could fill a big hole in your musical life.

Yamaha MDF2 Midi Data Filer

Review | Music Technology, Mar 1992

Yamaha's new MIDI datafiler currently enjoys the honour of being the cheapest of its kind on the market. Ian Waugh gets on with the filing.

Yamaha TX81Z & MDF1

Review | Music Technology, Jul 1987

After April's In Brief review, Rick Davies sends us a user report on the latest FM synth module, and throws in a review of the MDF1 MIDI data filer for good measure.

We found these other (non-review) articles that are linked to this gear

This article has no OCR bodytext.Elka CR99 Competition

Competition | Sound On Sound, Jun 1990

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About System Exclusive - Part 11

Feature Series | Topic: MIDI | Sound On Sound, Feb 1990
(But Were Too Afraid To Ask!)

PART 11: Martin Russ explains how he overcame some puzzling MIDI problems on a Kawai R50 drum machine, and takes a SysEx eyes' view of the Alesis DataDisk.



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