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Exploring New Territory

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Dec 1985
Gibson Explorer Synth

If you want Roland guitar synth sounds, you can now choose what guitar you use to play them. Paul White looks at a Gibson with a difference.

Fender bender

Review Audio | The Mix, Jul 1994
Roland GR09

Down-to-earth guitar synth

Gibson Explorer Synth

Review | International Musician, Feb 1986

Plug in, lean back, legs apart — and sound like an accordionist. Tony Mills taxes the axe

Licensed To Thrill

Review | Recording Musician, Nov 1992
Roland GR1 Guitar Synthesizer

What the world needs is a guitar synth that sounds good and behaves predictably. Does Roland's latest model pass the test?

Roland GM70

Review | Music Technology, Apr 1987
Guitar-to-MIDI Converter

Paul White, who's owned almost every Roland guitar synth built, puts the new GK1 synth driver and GM70 "brain" under test. Is this the first pitch-to-MIDI system that really works?

Roland GR-300 Guitar Synthesiser

Review Audio | Electronics & Music Maker, Nov 1981

Roland GR-500

Review | Sound International, Dec 1978

Steve Hackett and Paddy Kingsland set out to test the merits and demerits of the Roland GR-500 and ARP Avatar. Synthesise watches, lads.

Roland GR50

Review | Music Technology, Aug 1989
Guitar Synthesiser

Roland's latest guitar synthesiser is quickly earning a reputation as the most playable guitar synth yet built. Aaron Hallas turns from widdly-widdly merchant to MlDdly-widdly merchant.

Roland GR700 Guitar Synth

Review | One Two Testing, Apr 1984

Review. In colour.

Roland XP 50 and VG8

Review | The Mix, Apr 1995

Preview of Roland's latest products

The Guitarist's Revenge

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Jun 1984

The all-but-forgotten guitar synth is due to return to music shops with a vengeance this summer, in the shape of Roland's GR700/G707 system and a breathtaking new British design, the SynthAxe. Paul White puts both instruments through their paces.

We found these other (non-review) articles that are linked to this gear

History of the Guitar Synthesiser

Feature | Electronics & Music Maker, Jun 1983
A personal account of its development

A personal look at designs past and present

More GR-500 Comments and Mods

Feature | Topic: Maintenance / Repair / Modification | Polyphony, Jul/Aug 1981


Feature | Topic: Synthesizer Patches | Electronics & Music Maker, May 1984

Readers send in their own favourite synth sounds and details of how to generate them. This month sees, among other things, our first patch for a guitar synth, the Roland GR300.

Product News

News | Topic: Advertisement Feature | International Musician, Jun 1986

A new Super-synth, Samples, and more

Science and the Six String

Feature | One Two Testing, Dec 1982
The Story of the Guitar Synth

Learn the history of the guitar synthesiser and what the stars think of them.

Shaping the Bass

Feature | Topic: Advertisement Feature | International Musician, Nov 1985

Bass synthesizer examined

The Guitar Link

Feature | Topic: Advertisement Feature | Electronic Soundmaker, Jun 1984

The Six-String Synthesizer

Feature | Topic: Advertisement Feature | International Musician, Feb 1985

The Synth's Sojourn

User Report | Electronic Soundmaker, Oct 1984

A road report on Roland's guitar synth the GR700 by Imagination's Ashley Ingram and Mark Wood of Nucleus and Sunwind.



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