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Electronics & Music Maker - March 1985


Production Samples

To sample or not to sample, that is the question.

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As 'Newsdesk' takes a month's breather in the wake of the Frankfurt Musik Messe, we devote an extra page to your comments and queries.

Korg DW6000

Programmable Digital Waveform Polysynth

An intriguing new synth design that tries to combine digital waveform generation with analogue control. Does it achieve its objectives? Dan Goldstein thinks it does - just.

MPC DSM32 Electronic Drum System

Electronic Drum Module and Super Pads

To complete their recent flurry of new products, the Cambridgeshire company have come up with a programmable drum synth module and a set of 'Super Pads' specially designed for it. Nigel Lord takes the system for a trial run.


Real Time Performance System

Paul Wiffen heads off into dreamland to sample the delights of New England Digital's latest improvement package for what's arguably the world's most prestigious computer music system. Not surprisingly, he gives it the thumbs up.

Simmons SDS1 Drum Pad

A single electronic pad with a handful of controls and an IC socket underneath it. It doesn't look like a recipe for tremendous excitement, but Paul White finds that there's more to the SDS1 than meets the eye.

OSC Advanced Sound Generator

Computer Music System

Gerry Queen brings us an exclusive preview of what will be Britain's first custom-designed computer music system - from the people who brought you the OSCar monosynth. It's capable of combining analogue, digital and sampled sound sources, and it's cheap.

Sycologic MI4

MIDI Connection Matrix

There are now more peripheral MIDI devices than there are MIDI-equipped musical instruments. Trish McGrath treads through the debris to report on an ingenious connection matrix from London's Syco Systems.

Hardware Overload
Show Report

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly at Frankfurt's Musical Fiesta

Five pages of glorious colour on the exhibition to end all exhibitions - the annual Frankfurt Musik Messe. Dan Goldstein comes hotfoot from Germany to report on the latest developments on the hi-tech music scene. And there are a lot of them.

Aerial View

Guitars Go Avant Garde | Steve Tibbetts

The best-known instrumentalists aren't necessarily the ones with the most to say. We chat to American avant garde guitar player Steve Tibbetts via the postal service, and find he's got a lot of views worth hearing.

Order of the Day

New Order

Matthew Vosburgh attaches tape recorder to tripod and lets New Order add their words to his pictures. He also traces the recorded history of one of Britain's most influential modem music outfits.

Digisound Voice Card Part 2

We conclude our coverage of this build-it-yourself synth voice card, with a parts list and some application notes for the adventurous.

Back to Basics Part 3

If you're a complete newcomer to the world of synthesisers, this is the series for you. Steve Howell takes a beginner's look at filters.


The readers' synth sound page. This month's featured instruments include the Roland JX3P, Yamaha DX9 and Korg Poly 800.

Powertran MCS1 Part 5

Part 5. Tidying Up

Co-designer Tim Orr takes us through the mechanical construction and front panel controls of the MIDI Controlled Sampler.

Article Group:
Computer Musician


Remember the South Bank Show's electronic music special not so long ago? David Ellis will probably never forget it.


Details of a new German computer musical instrument, MIDI software for the Apple Macintosh, and Passport's latest Commodore 64 music packages.

The CX5M Revisited

David Ellis digs deep inside Yamaha's MSX music computer, and finds it's capable of interfacing with more external hardware than its manufacturers seem willing to disclose...

The Fairlight Explained Part 6

After a two-month absence, Jim Grant returns to the fold with some notes on CMI waveforms, lightpens and interpolation.

ATPL Symphony Keyboard

Add-on for BBC Micro

David Ellis casts a critical eye over a new music keyboard for the BBC Micro that controls the computer's internal sound chip and is compatible with Acorn's Music 500 synth add-on.

BeeBMIDI Part 7

Software writer Jay Chapman introduces us to DX7ED, a patch editing program for Yamaha's FM poly, the BBC B, and E&MM's own BeeBMIDI interface.

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