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Electronics & Music Maker - February 1986


All Talk, Some Action

Problems of talking to the famous — and your chance to change the magazine.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Newsdesk

Latest developments from the world of music technology, including a report on Yamaha’s hugely successful X-series convention.

Wise Before The Event

Newsdesk Special

The Frankfurt Fair is still weeks away — but we’ve gathered together a whole mass of advance information on the new instruments that will make this year’s event the most competitive yet.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Communique

Another dip into E&MM's bulging postbag, with further views on playing in pubs and keyboard sensitivity.

The Beat Goes On

Bronski Beat

As Britain’s brightest electro-poppers climb back up the charts against all the odds, Tim Goodyer talks to Larry Steinbachek about beat, music composition on a QX1, and facing the world with a new voice.

100 Things To Do With FM

Yamaha DX100 Polysynth

The latest addition to the DX family is the cheapest yet at just £349. Simon Trask slings it round his neck and takes it for a test drive: will it bring FM to the masses?

Casio CZ3000 Polysynth

Casio plug a gap in their range by introducing a CZS000 without the sequencer. Trish McGrath uses her fingers to see how it sounds.

DOD RDS3600 Sampling Delay

A new sampling delay line from the US comes under Paul White’s scrutiny. It features an extra-long sampling time and excellent modulation effects, but are they enough?

Roland Alpha Juno 2 Polysynth

Big brother to the Alpha Juno 1 comes equipped with a velocity-sensitive, five-octave keyboard, as Simon Trask discovers.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Readership Survey

Answer the questions, send off the form, tell us what you want to see in E&MM over the next 12 months - and you could win a free subscription into the bargain.

Roland PAD8 Octapad

Roland strike a happy note with a new MIDI percussion device that doesn't fill the stage or empty your pocket. Nigel Lord and Alex Murray declare it a hit.

First Take

Paul White and Dan Goldstein on how to beat the problems of venturing into a professional studio for the first time. If you’re new to recording, the advice is unmissable.

Hammer Strikes Out!

Jan Hammer

In an exclusive interview, this longstanding keyboard hero and Miami Vice music maestro discusses keyboard technique, and what it’s like to achieve mass recognition after years of obscurity. Annabel Scott takes note.

The Numbers Game

Dynacord MCC1 Interface

The world has been waiting for an interface box that solves all its MIDI routing problems at a single stroke. Simon Trask reckons the wait is now over.

This article has no OCR bodytext.OutTakes
Music Review

E&MM’s reviewing team looks at the latest in the fields of vinyl releases, readers’ demos and live performance.

Window On The World

MDB Window Recorder

A specialised sampler for specialised tasks — but will the arrival of cheaper sampling keyboards diminish this rack-mount unit’s appeal? Annabel Scott finds out.


A complete rundown of all the polysynths, voice expanders and remote keyboards currently available - plus the comments of our reviewing team on each of them.

The Musician's Producer

Steve Nye

In his first-ever interview with the British press, the ‘musician’s producer’ lets Paul Tingen in on a few of his most heavily-guarded studio secrets.

Professional Conduct

Steinberg Pro 16 Sequencer

It’s been a while coming, but now the Commodore 64 has a software package to rival the BBC’s UMI. Simon Trask checks out an incredible MIDI sequencer, and lists what it can do.


By popular demand, the readers’ synth patch page returns with a new look and a new approach. This month, sounds for the Casio CZs, Roland Juno 106 and Yamaha DX7, plus news of a Korg cassette that offers 165 sampled sounds for under a tenner.

Relatively Speaking

Roger Eno

Brian’s younger brother talks to Tim Goodyer about Erik Satie, the state of pop, and being related to somebody more famous than you are.

French Lessons

RSF DD30 Drum Machine

From France comes a digital drum machine with more facilities per pound than any of the Japanese competition. Jean-Paul Verpeaux likes what he hears in this exclusive review.

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