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Music Technology - November 1991

Sing Out

If Led Zeppelin were active today, they'd be forgiven for recording 'The Songs All Remain The Same'. Tim Goodyer looks at technology and the singer.

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Information Technology they call it; it deals with everything from the weather to the payroll. Meet Music (Information) Technology, MT's monthly roundup of news and events in hi-tech music.

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As one reader's plea for Moog spares is answered, another cry for help is received from Down Linder - "Where's Warren?". This and more in this month's readers' writes.

On The Beat Part 25

Leaving convenient music labels behind, Nigel Lord approaches his beatbox in a fresh way in this month's drum programming column. Off the Beaten track?

Quinsoft K4 Magician

Atari ST Software

Few players get the best out of their synths these days without the help of a software editor. Gordon Reid boots up his ST and goes to work on his Kawai K4.

Rooting For The New Age

In the desert of new age there are oases of music. Scott Wilkinson talks to an American guitarist with a story to tell and the technology to tell it.

Mark Of The Unicorn 7S

MIDI Mixer

MIDI has been slowly creeping into mixing desks for some time now, but this American mixer goes all the way. Vic Leonard mixes with MIDI.


Valhala International Gold Cards D131 & D132 for the Roland D110

If you're a Roland D110 user and you're looking for fresh inspiration from your synth, you could try Valhala's D110 voice cards. Gordon Reid practices his card tricks.

Oberheim Strummer

Keyboard to Guitar Chord Converter

Latest in Oberheim's Perf/X series is a unit designed to bridge the gap between keyboard and guitar. Simon Trask perfects his Jimi Hendrix impression.

Second Foundation

Putting Heaven 17 in the past, Martyn Ware has masterminded a definitive meeting of classic singers, classic soul songs and state-of-the-art technology. Tim Goodyer listens to Words of Quality and Distinction.

Korg 01/W FD Workstation

Music Workstation

The problem with building the most popular keyboard in years is having to follow it. Simon Trask test drives the successor to the Korg M1 and likes what he finds.

Plasmec Systems ADAS

Hard Disk Recording System

Direct-to-disk digital recording comes of age on the Atari ST computer. Vic Lennard checks out the system which may change your life.

Multitimbrality Made Simple

One persistent area of hi-tech confusion surrounds multitimbrality. Vic Lennard explains what it is, what it's for and what's wrong with it.

Music Technology - Music Maker Publications (UK), Future Publishing.


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