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Sound On Sound - March 1986

The Shape Of Things To Come

An extended feature this month to incorporate many of the new products shown at NAMM and the Frankfurt Music Fair.

Synclavier Programmer

Jonathan Sorrell is one of a handful of session programmers working with the world's most sophisticated sampling keyboard - the Synclavier. Paul Gilby discovers how it came about.

Matrix Magic

Ian Gilby reviews a truly ingenious programmable patchbay that takes all the hard workout of MIDI equipment routing in the studio - the Sycologic M16 MIDI Matrix.

Take Two: Alesis XTc

Dave Lockwood tastes the aural delights of the MIDIVERB's upmarket stablemate - the XTc.


Paul Gilby scrutinises the world's cheapest MIDI controlled stereo digital reverb, the MIDIVERB.

The Humaniser

Ian Gilby looks at how you can programme that 'human feel' into your drum patterns or sequences using another clever device from the Bokse company - the MIDI Humaniser.

Layering Sound Part 4

Multi-sampling & Overdubbing

Keyboard programmer Paul Wiffen draws to a close his popular series on the merits of sampling techniques with a close look at two means of extending your sample playback range.

Go West Producer: Gary Stevenson

Gary Stevenson

The phenomenal rise to success of Gary Stevenson came about through his dynamic production work on the first Go West album. Ralph Denyer extracts the details of the saga and discovers what Gary has planned for the future.

A Taste of Paradise

Ensoniq Mirage Multi-Sampler

Manufacturers of keyboard samplers are now turning their attentions to the studio market by offering enhanced rack-mount versions of their products. Mark Jenkins waited anxiously at Heathrow for the first device to hit our shores - the budget-priced, 8-voice multi-sampler from Ensoniq. Read his report.

Soundtracs MR Mixer

Multiple output devices like drum machines and sequencers are placing new demands on mixer manufacturers to come up with increased input channel desks. One of the first to respond are Soundtracs with a new range of recording consoles. Dave Lockwood tries out the 24/8/2/model.

Talking MIDI Part 4

Jay Chapman delves deep into the murky waters of MIDI's often ignored Mono Mode in pursuit of multi-timbral expression!

Doctor! Doctor!

Software for Commodore 64

Dr.T's MIDI Sequencer software for the Commodore 64 has been much applauded in the USA for its versatile real-time and steptime operation. Now that it's available on prescription in the UK, we asked software surgeon Ian Waugh for his diagnosis...


Roland Alpha Juno-1

If you're not an FM fan, but are looking for a low-cost polysynth that can double as a MIDI expander, you won't need to look further than Roland's new Alpha Juno-1 according to Mark Jenkins.

Using Timecodes Part 2

Timecode Synchronisation With Video

Part 2 of our series finds Francis Rumsey exploring timecode standards and the use of timecode with video.

This article has no OCR bodytext.WIN! Alesis MIDIVERB

We were so impressed with this brand new stereo digital reverb that we felt you should have a chance to experience it too! Turn to page 77 and find out how to win one.

Music & Pictures Part 4

We've now reached Part 4 where Robin Lumley surveys the technology of syncing sound and vision.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Edits

Competition results, news and gossip.

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