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Electronic Soundmaker & Computer Music - January 1985

On Tape

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International Computer Conference, news, views, chart.

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Music Review

Electronic album focus on: Cabs, S.P.K. Marc Almond, Z.T.T... and more.

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Questions, queries, and criticism to the ES&CM editorial team.

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Music Review

Reader's demo tapes reviewed in print, with a selection featured on tape.

Horning In...

Ambient Corporation

Forget the Fairlights, ditch the D.D.L.'s — ES&CM reader Graeme Robinson shows how you can beat it with the big boys, using just a couple of multitracks.

Marshall Law

The System

In this month's system feature, we focus on sequencing with a human touch: DX7 and SH101 in perfect harmony.

Double Take

Klone Dual/Paragon Percussion

The Klone Dual and Paragon Percussion's DVXM — Two stand-alone Drum-synth modules that offer a cheaper way into electro-percussion than the Simmons of this world.

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BBC News

Organ Master/Island Logic

An add-on sound board, and a comprehensive disc-based music system for the Beeb micro.

A Runway Success

Is what Roland's TR707 digital drum machine is set to become. Great sounds, great facilities... and a great price.

In Triplet Time

Korg Drums

Prolonging the percussive theme, a look at three very interesting products from Korg: Their value-for-money digital Super Percussion and Super Drums rhythm machines, plus the KMS-30 MIDI Synchronizer.

Akai's Attack

Akai AX 80/1212 Mixer/Recorder

Akai leap bravely into the hard world of Pro music gear, with a poly, the AX 80, and a unique 12-channel mixer/recorder.

In The Dreamhouse

An ES&CM exclusive... At home with top synth pioneers Tangerine Dream, in their own recording studio - a three page special.

Digital Dynamite

The CZ101 is the spearhead of Casio's first serious onslaught on the pro-synth market. We check out this contender for the DX's digital synthesis crown.

The Emulator... Two

The original Emulator brought sound-sampling out of the labs and onto the stage. The new model looks likely to repeat that success, and to transform sound sampling from precision recording into something like art.

Totally Wired

A chat with art-punk godfather Bruce Gilbert, a founder member of left-field collaboration Wire. The man reveals a low-tech approach to hi-tech gear... and a few trade secrets.

A Sound Design

Design Studio Programs

A set of programs for the Spectrum to enable you to unravel the mysteries of DX synthesis.

OSCar Update


A marriage made in heaven, as OSCar gets MIDI... we attend the reception.

One Upmanship

Tascam Porta One

A sensational budget portastudio from Tascam, the Porta One, looks like being on most musicians' Most Wanted list. We bring it back alive.

Crest of a Wave

Strangler's keyboard commandant Dave Greenfield tells us why he's Waved goodbye to his Hammond.

Multitracking On The Cheap

A flexible home studio set up explored.

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ES&CM's guide to MIDI and MOPS.

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