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Home & Studio Recording - March 1985


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Stereo reverb circuit, Boss sampling and more readers' problems.

What's New

News of Yamaha's MT44D system amongst other products.

Home Studio Recordist

Reader Peter Forrest relates his delightful tales of woe.

Get On The Right Track

Leading new wave synthesist Ian Boddy explains the way he uses 'track sheets' when undertaking a recording.

Using Microphones

Avoiding Problems

The last instalment in the current series wraps up with tips on avoiding problems and the use of Pressure Zone Microphones.

And Now For Something Completely Different

Andre Jacquemin

An interesting interview with Andre Jacquemin who just happens to be the man responsible for the recording of the Monty Python madness that's surfaced on film and vinyl over the last decade or so.

Making Records Part 3

Record Pressing

Part 3 completes our short series with a detailed look at record pressing, labels, sleeves and promotion.

Return To Zero Part 2

Following on from last month's glossary of terms, we begin our run through the complicated business that is recording, with a back-to-basics approach to setting record levels.

Interfacing The Line Part 1

Line Level

What is 'line level'? What significance do the numbers -10, 0, +4 and +8 have to recording? What does MOL refer to? Plug in to page 48 and find out.

Audio From Video

Sony Hi-Fi Beta Recorder

This article has no OCR bodytext.Readers' Tapes
Music Review

More of your own creations given the aural once-over.

Parametric Equaliser Project Part 4

The fourth module for our 19" rack-mounting modular effects system. Full design and construction details supplied.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Equipment Guide

Our regular update on what's available.

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