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Music Technology - April 1988


With the dust just settling from his criticism of the Pet Shop Boys, MT's fearless editor sets his sights elsewhere. The postman has put in for danger money...

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...and a pay rise, as news of the latest equipment, developments and events floods in. Anyone for keyboard stands or even a MIDI-controlled kitchen?

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Another of the postman's favourites as readers air their views on a variety of subjects from musical expression to copy-protected software.

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Just when you thought all was lost... MT's resident panel of experts is on hand to help shed a little light on problems with music and equipment.

Korg Professional Performance Series

M1 Music Workstation, S1 MIDI Production Workstation

The workstation concept comes of age. Bob O'Donnell previews Korg's Professional Performance Series Music Workstation keyboard and Production Workstation.

Paradigm Omni-Banker

Software for the Atari ST

A patch librarian that can be tucked away as a desktop utility. Chris Jenkins boots up this American software for the Atari ST.

Hybrid Arts EZ-Score Plus

Software for the Atari ST

The first of a series of scoring programs for the Atari ST. Aaron Hollas checks out its extensive editing facilities and its compatibility with the company's sequencing programs.

2nd Sense Studio

Take an eight-track tape deck and a 128-track MIDI sequencer and you've got the basis of 2nd Sense studio. Nicholas Rowland visits a studio taking full advantage of what modern technology has to offer.

All About Additive Part 1

In the first of a two-part series, Chris Meyer looks into the workings of additive synthesis and how it can be used to accurately mimic naturally-occurring sounds.

Akai EWI-2000 & EWV-2000

Electronic Wind Instrument

State-of-the-art wind synthesis. Man Jumping's Andy Blake gets his fingers around Akai's wind controller and voicing module and finds a happy marriage between expression and analogue synthesis.

2600 Paths to Happiness
Retrospective (Gear)

Another old synth makes its comeback. This time it's Steve Howell's much-prized ARP 2600 with its graphic panel layout, modular construction and built-in amplification.

Akai MPC60

From the ashes of the ill-fated Linn 9000, Roger Linn and Akai have brought forth the MPC60. Simon Trask takes a look at this powerful drum machine and sequencer.

Alternative Strings

Stuck for a good string sound or one you haven't used a hundred times before? Tom McLaughlin explains how an old guitar, a violin bow and a little ingenuity can work wonders.

Art & Science

JJ Jeczalik | Art of Noise

With the title track from the film Dragnet currently on release, the Art of Noise are still newsworthy. Paul Tingen talks to JJ Jeczalik about sampling, Frankie Goes To Hollywood and court cases.

Simmons SDX

Electronic Percussion System

The company that pioneered the electronic drum kit bring us the next generation of electronic percussion. Nicholas Rowland investigates Zone Intelligence and tracker balls.

Hybrid Arts GenPatch

Software for the Atari ST

A generic patch librarian from a familiar American company. Vic Leonard looks at a convenient way of solving the problems of patch storage and organisation - provided you've got an ST.

Planet Rock

Jellybean Benitez

John "Jellybean" Benitez is the leader of the current trend of DJs turned recording artists. Tim Goodyer talks to him about the relationship between the dancefloor and the recording studio.

Trading Places
Show Report

Frankfurt Musik Messe 1988

It's that time of year when the music fraternity descend on a frozen Frankfurt. Tim Goodyer and Simon Trask check out new gear, new ideas and tired feet.


Really Big Men

The band tipped to make it BIG in '88. Tim Goodyer talks to a DJ/keyboard player with a unique place in rock 'n' roll and a singer/guitarist who's going to make Madonna and Lita Ford look like Dot Cotton and Hilda Ogden.

Patchwork Downloads

This month, owners of the Ensoniq ESQ1, Roland Alpha Juno 1, Casio CZ101 and Yamaha DX7 offer their sounds for public consumption and personal distinction. Have you submitted a patch yet?

Johnny Hates Jazz

Johnny Hates Jazz

Johnny Hates Jazz are in the privileged position of being allowed to produce their own debut album. David Bradwell talks to the band about their unusual situation, their techniques and their philosophies.

Public Library

Public Domain Software

As some readers write in to complain about the price of commercial music software, Ian "tightwad" Waugh is busy taking advantage of the software available free in the public domain.

Music Technology - Copyright: Music Maker Publications (UK), Future Publishing.


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