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Music Technology - May 1988

Roll Call: 6.53AM

A staff vacancy and a competition winner are only two items on another packed agenda for the music press' answer to Hill Street Blues. Sign in and check out the action.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Newsdesk

The latest instalment of the latest news on matters musical and hi-tech. This month there's a proliferation of instructional courses. What had you got planned for the summer months?

This article has no OCR bodytext.Interface

You have the questions, we have the answers. Put your technical queries to MT's resident experts each month in Interface...

This article has no OCR bodytext.Communique

...or air your views on any matter relating to music, technology or the music industry itself in MT's monthly Communique forum.

Tascam MTS30

MIDI Synchroniser

As tape synchronisation becomes an indispensable part of modern music making, the demand for cost-effective sync boxes grows... Simon Trask discovers that it takes more than Tipp-Ex on the tape to throw the MTS30 off the track.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Akai Competition

Owning an Akai S700 sampler could be as far away as answering a few simple questions on the uses of samples in popular music. Test your knowledge and your luck in MT's latest competition.

A Vocal Chord Part 1

As you've probably already got your sampler playing drums, horns and strings, getting it to sing to you may sound deceptively easy. Tom McLaughlin explains there may be more to sampling the human voice than you'd heard.

Cheetah MD8

Digital Drum Machine

Competition is fierce in the budget drum machine arena. Nicholas Rowland takes a look at the British answer to the Japanese and American machines that have been in the limelight recently.

Grey Matter Response E! Board

For the DX7II

Grey Matter Response's E! expansion for the DX7 virtually gave it the power of the DX7II; E! for the DX7II represents another quantum leap in DX capability. Chris Many checks it out.

Voyetra Technologies Sequencer Plus III

Software for the IBM PC

Turning his back on the Atari ST, Ian Waugh boots up a comprehensive sequencing package for the IBM PC (and compatibles). If you thought the Atari ST and Macintosh had it all their own way, read again.

Hi-NRG Paradise

Musical trends come and go but the hi-nrg beat goes on and on... David Bradwell talks to the hi-nrg production team who've released more records in the last 12 months than Stock, Aitken and Waterman.

Blank Software Alchemy

Sample Editing Software

A sample editing package to beat all sample editing packages? Robert Rich test-drives a universal editor that may be the answer to many a sampling studio's prayers.

Axxess MIDI Mapper 2.0

MIDI Processor

This American MIDI processor is possibly the most sophisticated processor currently on the market. Matt Isaacson tries out its bewildering array of facilities.

Dr T's Midi Recording Studio

Software for the Atari ST

Budget software that sets out to prove that budget doesn't necessarily mean limited. Simon Trask puts the MIDI Recording Studio through its paces with his eye on the "features for ackers" gauge.

Live And Direct

Cult reggae band or Top Of The Pops heroes? Nick Rowland talks to the men who've spent 14 years together and brought MIDI to reggae, and reggae to the pop charts.

All About Additive Part 2

In the final part of a look into the world of additive synthesis, Chris Meyer explains the different approaches to additive synthesis adopted by various manufacturers and which synths have employed them.

Good Company

From his Vox Continental days with Elvis Costello, to a regular spot on Jonathan Ross' The Last Resort, and now on to film scores, Steve Nieve has retained an objective approach to technology.


PA Decoder's D50 ROM cartridge joins a selection of readers' own sounds in this month's Patchwork. If you're short of a sound, or simply short of inspiration, read on.


Wishing you could do more than one thing at a time may be as close as you'll ever get to doing it, but your computer is another story altogether. Harvey P Newquist III explains multitasking and some of its uses.

Yamaha TX16W

Digital Wave Filtering Sampler

Yamaha's first sampler has been a long time a-coming. Chris Meyer puts it to the test to discover if the big "Y" have learned from other manufacturers' mistakes.

Steps In Time

From Weather Report drummer to hi-tech enthusiast and Mac fanatic. Bob O'Donnell talks to a drummer who's discovered technology and used his rhythmic knowledge to get the best from his programming.

Groove Electronics MIDI Interfaces

for Roland Jupiter 8 & Juno 6/60

Hands up once-proud owners of a Jupiter 8 or Juno 6/60 who've left their pride and joy to collect dust while they've concentrated on MIDI gear. Tony Wride finds out MIDI can be yours courtesy of Groove Electronics.

Music Technology - Copyright: Music Maker Publications (UK), Future Publishing.


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