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Music Technology - March 1992

Communication Breakdown

According to Laurie Anderson, language is a virus from outer space. Tim Goodyer examines the problems with and the justifications for technical jargon.

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I read the news today, oh boy/10,000 holes in Blackburn Lancashire/And though the holes were rather small/They had to count them all/Now they know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall - profound Beatles lyric.

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An inside perspective on lipsyncing for TV and a personal response to the ravings of a mad MIDI guitar vigilante are a couple of the highlights of this month's selection of readers' writes.

Yamaha MDF2 Midi Data Filer

Yamaha's new MIDI datafiler currently enjoys the honour of being the cheapest of its kind on the market. Ian Waugh gets on with the filing.

On The Beat Part 28

MT's beatbox programming series survives the acid test of the recording studio. Nigel Lord renews his efforts in bringing the rhythm divine to your drum machine.

C-Lab Unitor 2

Atari ST SMPTE Synchroniser/MIDI Interface

Synchronisation made easy - for Creator/Notator users, at least. Tim Goodyer locks into C-Lab's integrated SMPTE synchroniser and MIDI expander for the Atari ST.

Dial M For Music

With the musical fraternity showing little interest in computer bulletin boards, the popularity of MIDI Song files could be well timed. Ian Waugh explains how to download music over the phone.

Geerdes D-Series Editor

If you're using one of Roland's D-series synths (or an MT32) and you're tired of doing battle with its programming system, this ST editor/librarian can help. Gordon Reid goes soft on his D5.

Multi Talented
Retrospective (Gear)

Moog Multimoog

In trying to follow the immortal Minimoog, Moog produced a series of innovative mono synths. Peter Forrest & Tim Goodyer revive two of the best.

Bourbaki Fractunes

IBM PC Software

The gap between audio and video technologies closes - a recent crossover is software that allows you to generate fractal images from your music. Ian Waugh's PC gets psychedelia.

Criminal Record? Part 1

Sample CDs

First they were sampling off other peoples' records, now they're selling records to sample off. Tim Goodyer listens while Simon Harris, Pascal Gabriel, Norman Cook, Ed Stratton and Coldcut put the case for sampling CDs.

Korg SoundLink

Digital Audio Workstation

From the home of the M1 and the Wavestation comes SoundLink - an advanced digital recording and editing system. Simon Trask trips into the future.

De La Soul

De La Soul

In spite of The Turtles' attempts to sue them to death, De La Soul is Dead remains simply the title of their second long player. Mark van Schaick talks samples and success with Maseo.

E-Mu Proteus MPS

Sample Playback Keyboard

With the popular Proteus series of sample playback modules as its inspiration, E-mu's new synth sounds as good as it looks. Simon Trask explores the Master Performance System.

Music Technology - Music Maker Publications (UK), Future Publishing.


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