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Sound On Sound - August 1990


Video Manuals

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More news, views, and a dash of hot gossip!

Shape Of Things To Come

Our colourful round-up of whats new in hi-tech music and recording.

The Art of Updating

Art Multiverb III & SGE Mach II

Art seem to update their range of multi-effects processors faster than everyone else. Dave Lockwood checks out two of their very latest incarnations.

Dave Stewart's Music Seminar Part 2

Man Versus Machine

Part 2: Famed keyboardist Dave Stewart continues his monthly column, designed to get you thinking about your music.


Evolution Synthesis EVS1 Sound Expander

This British designed multitimbral synth expander offers several types of synthesis, free Atari ST editing software, built-in drum sounds, and a low price. Paul Ireson lends an eager ear.

Summer 1990 NAMM Show Report
Show Report

The Summer NAMM show may be losing some of its importance in the world arena but it didn't stop manufacturers from launching new products. Craig Anderton was there to check them out.

Fostex 454 Mixer

Fostex’s new 454 mixer is aimed fairly and squarely at the recording user, with features that make it an ideal companion to most 4 or 8-track recorders. Paul Ireson explains why.

Digital Mixing Magic

With Sampling Keyboards

Vocal line out of tune? Lead guitarist fluffed his solo again? Craig Anderton reveals some ways of using a sampler to fix these, and other problems, in the mix.

Quinsoft Trax

Recording Studio Manager

David Mellor looks at a low-cost suite of Atari-based software applications to make your studio run more smoothly and more profitably.

King Korg and the Wave Monster!

Korg Wavestation

Korg's new Wavestation is a direct descendant of Sequential's long-gone vs synthesizer, but as Paul Ireson discovers, it has plenty of new tricks up its sleeve to complement the old ones.

Adventures In MIDILand Part 1

Part 1: Martin Russ sets off on a wild and wacky expedition through the MIDI Programming Jungle.

Recording Techniques Part 9

Recording Vocals

Part 9: The human voice is the most difficult instrument to record, bar none. David Mellor offers some practical guidance.

Making More Of The Kawai K5

Martin Russ reflects on a cult phenomenon: Kawai’s K5 additive synthesizer.

Software Support

Hints, Tips & News From The World Of Music Software

More hints and tips from the world of music software.

Sounding Off

Manual Madness Roland Reply

Gary Checora of Roland Japan puts forward his views on the state of equipment manuals.

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