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Cheetah Sound Sampler

Review | Music Technology, Jan 1987

Add-ons for small computers are getting more and more professional in their facilities, their quality and their presentation, as Chris Jenkins discovers.

Commodore 64 - The Soft Way, The Hard Way, The MIDI Way

Feature | Topic: Computing | Electronic Soundmaker & Computer Music, Jul 1984
Floppy disks and tape, Microsound 64, SCI Model 64

Yamaha TQ5

Review | Micro Music, Jun/Jul 1989

John Renwick puts this sequencer/sound module through its paces


Review | Micro Music, Jan 1990

If you have one of those oldie but goodie type synths that were pre MIDI fear not you can now link it into your existing MIDI system thanks to Groove Electronics

Commodore FM Editor/Composer

Review | Music Technology, Jan 1987

Chris Jenkins again, with a new program that lets Commodore owners look inside the Yamaha-licensed FM sound chip. A DX7 for sixpence?

Floppy Futures

Review | Electronic Soundmaker & Computer Music, May 1985

Compusonics digital home recording system should be with us by the end of the year. This is a first report on a system that could be the death knell of the portastudio.

C-Lab Creator

Review | Micro Music, Jun/Jul 1989

One of the most popular professional sequencing packages for the ST gets the once over from John Renwick

Karma Chameleon

Review | Micro Music, Feb 1990

John Renwick leads us through the changing colours of this universal patch librarian - Chameleon

Cheetah MK5 Controller Keyboard

Preview | Music Technology, Feb 1987

Chris Jenkins looks at a master keyboard of a very different kind, from the people who brought you drum machine and sampling add-ons for home computers.

Calculated Risk?

Review | Electronic Soundmaker & Computer Music, Nov 1984

MusiCalc Software. The best software yet for the Commodore 64?

Edit Track

Review | Micro Music, Jun/Jul 1989

Hybrid Arts budget package that thinks big as John Renwick discovers

Tiger Feet

Review | Micro Music, Mar 1990

John Renwick gets his paws on the graphic sequence editor from Dr T

Akai EX90R

Review | Music Technology, Mar 1988
Reverb Unit

A budget reverb unit for budget studios - although big studios might like it too. John Renwick plugs it in and gets a pleasant ringing in his ears.

BBC News

Review | Electronic Soundmaker & Computer Music, Jan 1985
Organ Master/Island Logic

An add-on sound board, and a comprehensive disc-based music system for the Beeb micro.


Review | Micro Music, Jun/Jul 1989

Do four things at once with this multi effects processor from Alesis - John Renwick reports

Yamaha SY-77

Review | Micro Music, Mar 1990
Performance Synthesizer

John Renwick looks at the new SY-77 from Yamaha

Paradigm Omni-Banker

Review | Music Technology, Apr 1988
Software for the Atari ST

A patch librarian that can be tucked away as a desktop utility. Chris Jenkins boots up this American software for the Atari ST.

Digital Dynamite

Review | Electronic Soundmaker & Computer Music, Jan 1985

The CZ101 is the spearhead of Casio's first serious onslaught on the pro-synth market. We check out this contender for the DX's digital synthesis crown.

C-1 and you've seen 'em all

Review | Micro Music, Aug/Sep 1989

John Renwick puts Yamaha's super-computer through it's paces


Review | Micro Music, Mar 1990

John Renwick guides us through the Cheetah Series of keyboards

Yamaha SY35

Review | Music Technology, Sep 1992
Music Synthesizer

The name might not be memorable - how about the synth?

Oh My Darling 49

Review | Electronic Soundmaker & Computer Music, Mar 1985

Will there be a rush to purchase Siel's new CMK 49 computer gizmo? We pass judgement.

Rock 'n' Roll and D-5

Review | Micro Music, Aug/Sep 1989

Could this be the ideal keyboard for computer musicians? John Renwick finds out

Music Maker

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Dec 1984
Software Surplus

Writing new music software seems to be the most popular current preoccupation for the world's music and computer industries. We take a look at six of the latest packages to hit the UK.

Casio SZ-1 Sequencer

Review | Sound On Sound, Nov 1985
The Next Logical Step

This 4 track MIDI sequencer is a step in the right direction for Casio but have the budget restrictions limited its appeal?



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