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On The 8-Track - Sackville Sound

Feature | Topic: Recording Studios | Home & Studio Recording, Sep 1983
Studio Focus

And Now For Something Completely Different

Interview | Home & Studio Recording, Mar 1985

An interesting interview with Andre Jacquemin who just happens to be the man responsible for the recording of the Monty Python madness that's surfaced on film and vinyl over the last decade or so.

Nigel Bates, Producer

Interview | Home & Studio Recording, Sep 1983
Mixing Desk

BBC - Careers In Sound

Feature | Topic: Education | Home & Studio Recording, Apr 1985

What goes on behind the hallowed portals of Bush House and the BBC's radio training department? Read this and find out...

On The Air

Feature | Topic: Recording Studios | Sound On Sound, Feb 1986

Radio drama relies heavily on the skills of the sound engineer as you can well imagine. Janet Angus spoke with one of its leading exponents, John Rowland, aboard The Barge Studio to discover what special techniques are involved.

Andy Munro

Interview | Home & Studio Recording, May 1985
Studio Designer

Top studio designer talks to Janet Angus.

Promoting The Soundtrack

Interview | Sound On Sound, May 1986

Janet Angus traces the career of this enterprising sound engineer which ranges from recording Mike Oldfield's 'Tubular Bells' and designing Virgin record stores, to his current pre-occupation with improving the quality of film soundtracks.

Jo Partridge

Interview | Home & Studio Recording, Jun 1985

Janet Angus talks to Jo about his enthralling past and his new studio where surfing is the most serious distraction.

When Worlds Collide

Feature | Topic: Live | Sound On Sound, Apr 1987
The Chieftains In China

Janet Angus reports on what happened when Irish folk group The Chieftains took up an offer to do a concert tour of China and decided to record the event.

Geoff Emerick - producer/engineer

Interview | Home & Studio Recording, Jul 1985

The Beatles, Wings, Elvis Costello, Nick Heyward, Big Country... all have at one time or another come under the watchful ear of this producer/engineer.

Chris Andrews - Producer

Interview | Home & Studio Recording, Nov 1983

Steve Brown - Producer

Interview | Home & Studio Recording, Aug 1985

Not a household name perhaps, but this man is behind quite a lot of musical projects that you will no doubt recognise - as Janet Angus explains.

Ray Staff - Cutting Engineer

Feature | Topic: Recording Studios, Tape, Vinyl, CD, DAT | Home & Studio Recording, Apr 1984

Ray Staff - Disc Cutting Engineer at Trident Studios.

Robin Millar

Interview | Home & Studio Recording, Sep 1985

Janet Angus talks to Robin about practically everything.

UB40 In the Studio

Interview | Home & Studio Recording, May 1984

This successful Reggae band discuss the recording of 'Labour Of Love' and their new studio.

Mark Dearnley

Interview | Home & Studio Recording, Oct 1985

Janet Angus and Mark Dearnley discuss various facets of the recording industry including his production work with AC/DC.

Peter Wilson - Record Producer

Interview | Home & Studio Recording, Jun 1984

Producer of Style Council, The Jam and Comsat Angels explains his working techniques in the studio, production skills and the ins and outs of various effects.

Dave Woolley

Interview | Home & Studio Recording, Nov 1985
Sound and video post production engineer

...of Trilion Video talks about the differences in recording techniques between audio and video.

Tonmeistering - The English Way

Feature | Topic: Education | Home & Studio Recording, Jul 1984

An in-depth look at what is probably the most well-respected training course for studio engineers: Surrey University's Tonmeister Sound Course.

David Mitcham

Interview | Topic: Composing for Business, Video / Film / Picture | Home & Studio Recording, Dec 1985
Producer & Composer

Janet Angus talks to Dave about making the change between audio and video recording and the issues and problems involved.

Robin Lumley - Producer

Interview | Home & Studio Recording, Sep 1984

Having been out of the limelight for a while, Robin has again donned his producer's cap and set to work with new artists 3AM and Robin Clark. Here he talks of his involvement with them and his attitude to the home recording revolution.

Rolling Stones' Mobile Studio

Feature | Topic: Live, Location Sound, Recording Studios | Home & Studio Recording, Sep 1984
Mick McKenna

Engineer Mick McKenna provides an insight into recording with the Rolling Stones Mobile.

Peter Banks

Interview | Home & Studio Recording, Nov 1984

An interview with the ex-After The Fire keyboard player about his home recording experiences and equipment.

Over The Road Show Report

Show Report | Electronics & Music Maker, Aug 1983

Hugh Padgham

Interview | Home & Studio Recording, Jan 1985
Producer Extraordinaire

The genius behind the 'Phil Collins drum sound' reveals how he got started in the industry, his production philosophy and life at The Townhouse.



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