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Feature | Topic: Music Business | Making Music, Oct 1986

You're signed, and the big cheque arrives. What do you spend it on?

Advances At Advision

Feature | Topic: Mixing, Recording Studios | International Musician & Recording World, Mar 1975

Kraftwerk: Man, Machine and Music

Review | Music Technology, Jul 1993
Pascal Bussy (SAF Publishing)

Dirty Ca$h

Editorial | Music Technology, Aug 1990

Cash: where does it come from and where does it go? Tim Goodyer looks into the flow of money in the music biz and asks if pop music is worth the money spent on it.

Something Old...

Editorial | Music Technology, Feb 1992

When is digital technology "better" than its analogue counterpart? Tim Goodyer measures the development of music technology against musicians' and technicians' abilities to use it.

A Cynic Writes...

Opinion | Music Technology, Jul 1993
Got A Light Mac?

It's Like This

Editorial | Making Music, Apr 1986


Editorial | Recording Musician, Aug 1992


Editorial | Electronics & Music Maker, Feb 1982


Editorial | Home & Studio Recording, Jul 1984

Looking Back

Editorial | Electronics & Music Maker, Mar 1984


Editorial | Electronics & Music Maker, Dec 1983
Interface '84

The Noise Gate

Feature | Topic: Education | One Two Testing, Jan 1984

Courses for recording.


Opinion | Sound On Sound, Jan 1992

Could the arrival of new storage media such as magneto-optical disks change the way we perceive music?


Editorial | Sound On Sound, Nov 1990
Volume 6 Starts Here

The Computer Revolution

Editorial | Sound On Sound, Jan 1989


Editorial | Sound On Sound, Feb 1990
Mixing Metaphors


Group: Pianissimo!

Feature | Topic: Buyer's Guide | Electronics & Music Maker, Aug 1984

Introducing a seven-page roundup of some of the latest electronic pianos to hit the UK. Models reviewed include Yamaha's FM PF series, the Siel Piano Quattro and Roland's MIDI Home Piano system.

16 Things

Feature | Making Music, Sep 1986
You Never Knew About Eric Clapton

Performing Musician: Endangered Species?

Feature | Topic: Performing, Sequencing | Music Technology, Mar 1991

Accusations of replacing "real" musicians have shifted from drum machine to sampler, but there may be other changes upon us. Steve Wright investigates the significance of the sequencer.

Product Perfect

Editorial | Music Technology, Feb 1989

Question: when is a song not a song, and a musical instrument not a musical instrument? Answer: when they're products. Is the music industry terminology robbing music of its personality?

Heaven Spent

Interview | Making Music, Jun 1986

Martyn Ware talks about money and the musician. Make £50,000 without playing a note.

Technical Tips

Feature | Sound On Sound, Jun 1988

Practical hints and tips for the modern recording musician. Martin Russ shares some of his hi-tech pearls of wisdom.

Passing The Buck

Editorial | Music Technology, Apr 1991

Pro studios are currently closing down at an alarming rate, and much of the blame is being laid at the feet of home studios and dance music. Tim Goodyer discusses progress and paranoia.

One Size Fits All

Editorial | Music Technology, Dec 1990

Once a recording studio was a large room lined with futuristic acoustic tiles and filled with impressive equipment; now it could be the corner of a bedroom - it's all a matter of size.



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