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Casio SK1

Review | Making Music, Jul 1986
mini sampler keyboard

Casio VZ8M

Review | Sound On Sound, Feb 1990

If you're tired of sampled sounds and are searching for a source of non-imitative synthetic voices to balance your repertoire, these low-cost instruments could well deliver the goods. Martin Russ finds out.


Editorial | Sound On Sound, Jan 1987


News | Making Music, Nov 1986

The sort of thing you'll turn to first: lies, gossip, tittle-tattle, rumours, humous...

The News

News | Making Music, Nov 1986

Tonight the hot instrumental news is read by someone with a megaphone. Strange.


Show Report | Electronics & Music Maker, Mar 1986
NAMM Winter Market, Anaheim

Paul Wiffen, hotfoot from California, reports on the machines that made headlines at the US music industry's winter shindig...

DJ Technology

Interview | Music Technology, Jun 1989

Winning the '89 Technics World DJ Mixing Championship has allowed Cutmaster Swift to plough the prize money into his studio. Simon Trask talks samples and scratches with the Champion.

Sampler Checklist

Feature | Topic: Buyer's Guide | Electronics & Music Maker, Mar 1986

E&MM's unique buyer's guide spreads its wings, with a round-up of what's around in the world of sound-sampling.

Deep Vibrations

Interview | Music Technology, Aug 1991

Turning their backs on pop notoriety to meet electronic experimentation head on, Sheffield's LFO are taking dance music into new areas. Simon Trask gets a new perspective on nostalgia.

Reader's Poll Results

Feedback | Making Music, Jan 1987

Who you (the readers) voted as best musician, and what you (still the readers) voted as best gear. We shake the world.

Waxing Lyrical

Interview | Music Technology, Sep 1991

When you come across a hi-tech band who won't even use commercial synths for fear of being imitated, they must have something special to protect. Simon Trask pays a visit to Leeds to check out the mysterious Nightmares on Wax.

ST Replay 4 Sampler

Review | Sound On Sound, Jan 1989

Martin Russ has fun turning his Atari computer into a multi-function sampler, drum machine and digital effects unit with the aid of Microdeal's low-cost Replay 4.

Soul Sonic Force

Interview | Music Technology, Feb 1990
Prince Paul

Already an established musical force from his work with Stetsasonic, Prince Paul has gone on to produce De La Soul's brilliant debut LP. Steven Daly talks technology and sampling ethics with a Prince.



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