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Production Values - Part 2

Feature Series | Making Music, Jul 1986

Part two, in which we meet the fifth Beatle, George Martin, and also brush with Trevor Horn's Fairlight.

Production Values - Part 1

Feature Series | Making Music, Jun 1986
History Of Producers

Just who are these people who get their names on record sleeves and their sounds in your speakers?


Editorial | Music Technology, Oct 1989

The record company A&R man is your enemy, right? After all, it's only him that stands between you and a record deal. But technology has changed his job and your relationship with him.

Sure Beats Working

Interview | Phaze 1, Jun 1989

why the beatmasters make a mess with their lunch

Learning to swim - Part 4

Feature Series | Topic: Music Business | Music Technology, Jan 1994
Swim Records

Simon Trask dives into the world of a desktop record label

Second Sense

Editorial | Music Technology, Jan 1989

When is it better to buy secondhand gear, rather than new gear? Tim Goodyer looks into equipment costs and sound fashions.

HitSound Producer Series CDs

Review | Sound On Sound, May 1992
Coldcut, David Ruffy

Wilf Smarties looks for the perfect beat in two new HitSound sample CDs, from production team Coldcut and drummer David Ruffy.

On The Record

Group: On The Record

Feature | Topic: Music Business | Sound On Sound, Nov 1993
What A&R Managers want from your demo

For many musicians, their first stab at getting their music heard is sending a demo to a record company or producer. But what do the people who listen to demos every day want from your tape? Sue Sillitoe finds out.

Sample Shop

Review | Sound On Sound, Oct 1992

Wilf Smarties takes another new sample CD for a spin.

Fiddling the meter

Group: In Session

Interview Audio | The Mix, Oct 1994

Studio pursuits with the violin

Playing the Blues

Interview | Music Technology, Jul 1988

Pop hopefuls or Stock, Aitken and Waterman puppets? The men in Blue give David "newboy" Bradwell the inside story on the SAW production stable.

The Blueprint of Hiphop

Interview | Music Technology, Aug 1989

From the New York roots of hip hop, KRS One talks about street-level production values and samples as the poor musician's alternative to real musicians. Simon Trask listens to the Music of the Spheres.

Open The Box

Interview | International Musician & Recording World, Aug 1986

They're a brilliant Soul band. A dub-Reggae band. An avant-garde band. And they don't know how they do it. Or do they? Tony Reed asks the questions...

Soul Sonic Force

Interview | Music Technology, Feb 1990
Prince Paul

Already an established musical force from his work with Stetsasonic, Prince Paul has gone on to produce De La Soul's brilliant debut LP. Steven Daly talks technology and sampling ethics with a Prince.

Heroes - Part 7

Feature Series | Topic: History / Culture | One Two Testing, Jul 1984
Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson part two

On The Beat - Part 14

Feature Series | Topic: Drum Programming | Music Technology, Sep 1990

Once an underrated underground movement, hip hop has turned out to be one of the most influential musical developments of the last decade. Nigel Lord takes the rap in MT's regular drum programming series.

Sample Shop

Review | Sound On Sound, Aug 1992

Groove guru Wile Smarties reports on the latest sample CDs.

Sample Shop

Review | Sound On Sound, Jan 1993

Partners In Rhyme

Interview | Music Technology, Feb 1992

Felton Pilate's success spans "traditional" funk to the rap revolution - just now he's writing, producing and playing keys for Hammer. Nick Batzdorf raps tech with the Hammer man.

Sample Shop

Review | Topic: Copyright, Sampling | Sound On Sound, Jun 1993

Resident 'DJ' Wilf Smarties gives a new batch of CDs a spin.

ART Multiverb Alpha

Review | Sound On Sound, Jan 1992

The Multiverb Alpha is the latest and greatest in ART's series of studio multi-effects processors. Dave Lockwood checks it out.

Live And Direct

Interview | Music Technology, May 1988

Cult reggae band or Top Of The Pops heroes? Nick Rowland talks to the men who've spent 14 years together and brought MIDI to reggae, and reggae to the pop charts.

Sample Shop

Review | Sound On Sound, Jul 1992

Groove guru Wilf Smarties reports on the sample CD scene.


News | Music Technology, Mar 1994

As close to the cutting edge as you can get without needing stitches...

Oblique strategies

Group: In Session

Interview | The Mix, Nov 1994

Acid jazz of the counter-culture



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