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News | Making Music, Jun 1986

Gossip calypso - giving out the musicians' gossip that no-one else would touch with an ear'ole.


News | Making Music, Jul 1986

This, however, is the bit where we tell you gossipy tittle-tattle you've never heard before.


News | Making Music, Nov 1986

The sort of thing you'll turn to first: lies, gossip, tittle-tattle, rumours, humous...


News | Making Music, Oct 1986

Go straight to this page if you like a good gossip.


News | Making Music, Mar 1987

gossip column


News | Making Music, May 1986

The musicians' gossip column. Stuff you wouldn't believe. (We didn't.)


News | Making Music, Apr 1987

wafting gossip


News | Making Music, Aug 1986

'Ere, did you know that old wossisname is doing so-and-so with a wotchermaccallit.

Smoke: The Gossip Column

News | Making Music, Apr 1986

All the snippety little secret bits of musicians' gossip that no-one else would print


News | Making Music, Sep 1986
The BMF Goes Up In...

Read today the Bob Dylan story a friend will tell you in the pub next week.


News | Making Music, May 1987

smelly gossip


News | Making Music, Feb 1987


Feature | Making Music, Jan 1987


News | Making Music, Jun 1987
Gossip, Fibs, Stuff And Nonsense

oh really?

Mega Smoke

News | Making Music, Dec 1986
Goes Chrimbo Crazy

A special seasonal waft of your favourite news and gossip column, this time drifting through the whole magazine and including mini-interviews with the likes of China Crisis and jokes from the likes of us. The fun starts here.

Flow Diagram

Group: Effective FX

Feature | One Two Testing, Dec 1984

cure-it check list for broken boxes


Editorial | One Two Testing, Oct 1985

Studiospares Jack Patchbay Burnisher Plug

Group: Widgets

Review | Sound On Sound, Dec 1993


Feature | Topic: Live | Music UK, Aug 1982

Lorna Read learns about stage fireworks. We pick up the pieces

A Cynic Writes...

Opinion | Music Technology, May 1993
Einsturzende Neuplatten

Pro Music Guitar Classics

Review | Music Technology, Nov 1992

Guru's Gretsch Guide

Feature | Topic: Buyer's Guide | Making Music, Jun 1987

The Guitar Guru sorts out the seven most fashionable Gretsch semis and tells you everything about them

The Worst Job I Ever had

Group: One Two Tactics

Feature | Topic: Humour, Live, Performing | One Two Testing, Dec 1985
Gig Tactics

famous names relate horror stories

Animal Magic

Group: Amps

Feature | Topic: Humour | One Two Testing, Jan 1983

You too can have the body of Charles Atlas, the stamina of Roger Bannister and the tattoos of the Anti-Nowhere League. Exercise is good for you. Follow the One Two body building course for muscles of plaster.

Shop Soiled

Feature | Topic: Humour, Retail | Making Music, Sep 1986

Making Music's perfect dealer speaks (grunts, actually).



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