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The Performing Art - Part 1

Feature Series | Topic: MIDI, Performing | Music Technology, Feb 1990

One of the consequences of MIDI recording is the loss of musical performance. In the first of a short series, Ollie Crooke and Simon Thomas look at the performance applications of MIDI controllers.

The Performing Art - Part 2

Feature Series | Topic: MIDI, Performing | Music Technology, Mar 1990

Part two of this series on combining live instrument performances and MIDI recording looks at a typical session in the studio of Ollie Crooke and Simon Thomas.

The Performing Art - Part 3

Feature Series | Topic: MIDI, Performing | Music Technology, Apr 1990

A synth is only as good as its sounds - and that goes for any synth controller too - sax, violin, guitar... Ollie Crooke And Simon Thomas look at sound programming for MIDI controllers.

PAN: The Performing Artists Network

Feature | Topic: Computing | Sound On Sound, Nov 1987

Mark Badger sets his baud rate for the heart of the sun and goes 'on-line' to America to interview Perry Leopold, founder of PAN - a unique communications network for hi-tech musicians.

Tona De Brett's Vocal Points

Feature | Topic: Tuition / Technique, Performing | International Musician & Recording World, Jan 1986

On the importance of loving and living with a song

Reader Profile

Feature | Sound On Sound, Jul 1987

Another two Sound On Sound readers reveal what they get up to with all their hi-tech gear.

MIDI Gesture & MIDI Creator

Group: Quality Control

Review | Music Technology, Mar 1994
interactive music controllers

You move - it programs. A first step towards virtual reality music?

Mac World

Show Report | Micro Music, Jan 1990

Mike Collins reports on what's new for Macintosh owners at the recent Mac World show in the States


Feature | Topic: Computing | Polyphony, Sep/Oct 1978
Interfacing Paia Synthesizers to PET Computers

Fundamental Music Notation - Part 2

Feature Series | Topic: Music Theory | Polyphony, Oct 1976

The Holistic Author

Interview | Sound On Sound, Jul 1987

Would you believe that the author of the mega-successful 'Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy' is a fanatical devotee of the Macintosh computer and a MIDI enthusiast to boot? Richard Elen listens as the man tells why...

MOTU Performer

Review | Music Technology, Jan 1992
Apple Macintosh Software

One of the leading Macintosh sequencing packages has recently undergone another of its periodic face lifts. Ian Waugh checks the state of the performing art.

MIDI 2.0 Is Here!

Feature | Topic: MIDI | Sound On Sound, Jun 1993

Musing Computers

Interview | Music Technology, Oct 1990

A long-time member of the MIDI establishment, Jeff Rona is a musician who gets more mileage out of computers than most. Scott Wilkinson listens in on Mac, PAN, digital editing and Jon Hassell's latest LP.

Macworld '89

Show Report | Music Technology, Feb 1990

The Atari ST may currently be the most popular music computer, but a lot of music software is still being pioneered on the Apple Mac. Mike Collins visited MacWorld '89 for the latest musical developments.

Music on-line - Part 2

Feature Series | Topic: Computing | Sound On Sound, Feb 1987

Part 2. Richard Elen concludes his guide to computers and communications for musicians with details of how to join and log on to two musicians' networks: PAN and Esi Street. There's also an extensive glossary of terms to help newcomers to this exciting field understand what it is all about.

The Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Macintosh

Interview | Electronics & Music Maker, Jul 1986
Tech Talk

Matthew Vosburgh takes a conducted tour around software for the Apple Macintosh with the author of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

System Exclusive Dumps

Feature | Topic: MIDI | Sound On Sound, Mar 1988

The mysteries of SysEx are revealed. Martin Russ discovers that there may be more to that disk drive in your latest acquisition than you thought...

Return of the Warrior

Interview | Electronics & Music Maker, Jul 1984

One of the seventies' most original instrumental bands, Jade Warrior almost ceased to exist four years ago. Now a new album and some rare live appearances look like reestablishing them for good. Interview by Dan Goldstein.

The Transcontinental Midi Songwriting Shuffle

Feature | Topic: Computing, Sequencing | Sound On Sound, May 1989
MIDI Composition via Computer

The tale of two songwriters on opposite coasts of America, using different computers and musical instruments, writing and producing a single without face-to-face collaboration until the final mixdown. Al Hospers reveals what happened.



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