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More and more, an instrument is just the beginning rather than the end of music making as manufacturers and their engineers, unable to produce new and original instruments, instead produce various signal processing and effects equipment to alter an instrument's sounds. What they are making for use by guitarists, keyboardists and others is only limited by a musician's number of fingers and feet.

DOD Electronics has added a new sustaining pedal to its Performer 500 Series. The 515A Sustainer features distortion and compression while the new Octoplus adds harmonics to the notes being played. Both come with a steel case and a fibreglass switch which will activate the effect no matter where it is hit.

Electro Harmonix have recently introduced the Digital Looping Recorder with delay times varying from virtually zero to as long as 64 seconds. Full bandwidth (15Hz to 12kHz) is reportedly possible up to eight seconds. A four-digit display of the total loop length reads from 8.00 seconds to 64.00 seconds and an Echo Tap Control provides for short echoes that can be in time with the beats of a rhythm machine. Further, these short echoes can be 'frozen' in and made part of much longer echo loops that can be overlayed.

Other features of the 64 Second Digital Looping Recorder include a Fast Erase Button which records silence throughout the entire memory in just four seconds so that new material can be quickly recorded, a Low Frequency Sync Input which allows an external source of pulses to control the master clock of the unit and a Rhythm Unit Clock Out with a 'flywheel' circuit which lets the user sync up with rhythm units having only a Clock Input.

The unit also has all the functions of the smaller Electro-Harmonix 16 Second Digital Delay - built-in click track, sound-on-sound recording with Infinite Hold, reverse playback, double or half speed capability, digital chorus and flanging. Its list price is $1,195.

A new graphic equalizer and a new compressor/limiter have been introduced here by Ibanez. The Ibanez GE9 Graphic Equalizer uses six one octave wide minimum-phase shift filters which provide up to 15dB of boost or cut. The level control permits the signal level to be adjusted without disturbing the filter settings.

The Ibanez CP9 Compressor/Limiter incorporates a new VCA configuration for reduced noise operation, even at the longest sustains. An Attack Time Control permits the performer to adjust the attack sound.

Both the GE9 and the CP9 feature LED indicators, quick-change battery pockets, the Ibanez Q-1 silent electronic switching system and zinc die-cast cases.

Crate CR160GT

Two new Crate amplifiers have been developed by SLM Manufacturing. The Crate CR160GT amplifier, which is designed for both stage and studio applications, features a 12-inch G12-80 Celestion speaker driven by 60 watts of power and has a suggested retail price of $365. Controls include gain, active bass, midrange and treble; bright switch; overdrive gain and level; master volume; and reverb.

The Crate CR285B-15 is a 150-watt RMS self-contained bass amplifier with a 200-watt handling capacity. It features a single 15-inch speaker, input gain control, primary EQ, bright switch, final EQ, peak limiter, line in/line out, internal speaker jack and master volume and has a suggested retail price of $599.95.

The new Bullfrog horns and tweeter and bass enclosures from BFI Inc. all feature carpet coverings which BFI say increases their durability for road use. The models include three high performance constant directivity horns - LCD-60, MCD-90 and SCD; the T-2 tweeter enclosure; S-18 sub woofer; M-12 mid bass enclosure; and the FR212 and FR212T full range high performance systems.

Ampeg have introduced the new B80N bass amplifier which is available with either a 15-inch speaker or a 12-inch speaker. With a conservative rating of 80 watts RMS, the model features pre and post EQ line out facility, EQ shift, headphone jack and an external speaker jack for adding an additional eight ohm speaker.

Community Light & Sound stresses that its new RS320 three-way system is not simply a two-way system with added supertweeters. It features a high-performance midrange horn and a low-frequency section with a high power, 12-inch woofer in a vented enclosure and a high frequency section with a pair of piezo-electric supertweeters loaded by their own 'constant directivity' type horn. Suggested list price for the RS320 is $538.

Also new from Community is the Model VB790 low-frequency vented horn system which is moulded in one piece from hand-laid, balsa-reinforced fibreglass. It is designed to combine the efficiency of a horn for the mid and upper bass frequencies with the compact size of a vented enclosure for the low bass frequencies. The VB790 is available, at $848, with a high power, 18-inch loudspeaker for subwoofer applications and, at $738, with a high efficiency 15-inch loudspeaker for two-way system applications.

Two new mixing consoles - the SPL 3416 16-channel mixer and the SPL 3424 24-channel mixer - have been introduced by Sunn Musical Equipment Company. Designed for live PA, monitor and multi-track studio applications, both mixers feature four independent submasters into two into one. The PC boards are made of a fibreglass and epoxy laminate, rather than phenolic or glass, and all internal busses are attached via a quick disconnect multi-pin cable.

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Electronics & Music Maker - Nov 1983

Donated & scanned by: Stewart Lawler

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