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Accessing this website does not give you ownership rights over the content. You can not copy, republish, repurpose, repackage or otherwise sell or profit from the content contained on this website, either online, in print, or other forms.

Linking to pages within our site is fine, as is quoting, excerpting or referencing a small part of the content, as long as there is attribution to the original magazine, and to mu:zines. Basically, we are happy for you to do blog posts, news pieces and so on as long as you attribute and provide a link to the original mu:zines article.

If you are going to feature content taken from the mu:zines website in your own books, publications, presentations, podcasts or videos, and these are free and not monetised, then attribution to mu:zines is not required, but is appreciated. If you are monetising your content and are featuring materials from the mu:zines website, then attribution is required.

Attribution can be in the form of using the images with the mu:zines watermark (right-click the image, open in new tab/window, and you'll get the direct linked, watermarked version of the image), or some onscreen text along the lines of "Images from the mu:zines magazine archive." displayed with the image, or in the video credits. Attribution in your presentation notes or video descriptions with a link to www.muzines.co.uk is also appreciated.

Attribution is a way of being respectful to the original content creators, rights holders, and this project, where we have worked so hard to bring you this material for you to access. This also helps us reach a wider audience, which helps us further our goals of completing this content in a form free for everyone to use.

If you are using images taken from the site, and are considering removing or cropping around the watermark, please consider why you are doing this. If our content is helping you make your content better, then please be respectful and help us in return by attributing, or leaving the discreet watermark in place - that way we all help each other out. Thanks.

Please do not copy and paste entire articles on other sites, forums or anywhere else - excerpt a piece of the article, and provide a link to the full article.

Please do not deep link our images on other sites, it steals our limited resources.

Please be respectful and do not crawl or download the entire site - it consumes large amounts of bandwidth and server load, and can potentially get our service suspended.

Copyright of Published Content

mu:zines does not own, or claim to own, any of the previously published magazine content. It is provided here for archival purposes, and, like much of the old archival material provided online, in most cases has limited or no commercial value to the rights holders.

The content is still owned by the original publisher, or current copyright holder, or original author (or photographer in the case of image content), and is used where possible by permission. Applicable copyright notices are displayed throughout the site on the respective content.

In most cases, the copyright of individual articles is retained by the original author, rather than the publisher, and the authors are always credited where possible. If an author wishes to add their website or other contact details to their content, or for some reason wishes us to withhold the archival of their content either in whole or in part, then please contact us.

In some cases permission has not been forthcoming, due to not being able to contact the current rights holders, or where the rights holder no longer exists. For the most part, we hold back content and make every effort we can to try to gain permissions (and at least inform interested parties of what we are trying to do), but in the case we simply cannot discover or contact the reponsible companies, we may decide to offer the content for archival purposes anyway.

When we do this, we will note that on the copyright notice at the footer of the content.

We are doing this to try to preserve this content in a form useful for all, before it's lost for good. Given that this is a hobbyist site and a labour of love, we are not in a position to commercially licence content. For magazines where this might be necessary, we will not be able to feature or publish that content.

If you are a rights holder of some of this archival content, we welcome you to contact us, particularly if you have any concerns.

Other Copyrights

Everything other than the magazine content is the copyright of mu:zines, including the website, design, mu:zines logo and other graphics and text material, original blog post content and other non-archive content.

Magazine cover thumbnails for mags we don't currently own are mostly collected from the internet at large and are used entirely for illustrative purposes as a placeholder to identify and help crowdsource the magazine issue referred to. These get replaced by our own images over time as we collect and scan the issues. We don't own these images, and consequently the quality is often poor.

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