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Talkback - Part 2

Interview | Sound International, Sep 1978

Richard Elen's fact-extraction mission with engineer Phill Brown reaches its conclusion.

The Desktop Remix

Interview | The Mix, Jul 1994

Tracking the progress of a DIY mix that went official

10CC - Strawberry and Creme

Interview | International Musician, May 1975

808 State - The State of Technology

Interview | Music Technology, Nov 1989

England's North has consistently produced some of the most innovative electronic music. Simon Trask talks to a band set to take their place alongside New Order and Heaven 17.

808 State - The New Statesmen

Interview | Music Technology, Feb 1993

808 State - Absolutely Gorgeous

A Certain Ratio - A Sense of Proportion

Interview | Music Technology, Sep 1989

Haying abandoned the independence of Factory Records in favour of the relative safety of a major record deal, ACR are back in the limelight with a new LP. Nigel Lord asks questions of commerciality.

A Guy Called Gerald

Interview | Micro Music, Oct/Nov 1989

Vie Marshall asks who is A Guy Called Gerald?

A Guy Called Gerald - Voodoo Chile

Interview | Music Technology, Apr 1990

You can't discuss the Manchester dance movement without A Guy Called Gerald. Simon Trask talks success and setbacks to one of Britain's most influential young artists.

A Popular History of Signs - Sign Language

Interview | Electronic Soundmaker, Jul 1985

Dance music with direction

Act - Action Direct

Interview | Music Technology, Aug 1988

Whatever happened to Thomas Leer? What's become of Propaganda? If you've heard of a band called Act you already know the answers to these questions, if not, David Bradwell is right on cue with this interview.

Adam Moseley - Long time coming

Interview | The Mix, Dec 1994

Adam Mosley chats about producing The Plot Thickens

Adamski - Live And Direct

Interview | Music Technology, Mar 1990

By ignoring the charts and treating dance music as a live phenomenon, Adamski has won himself a huge following and a chart placing. Simon Trask talks about the live applications of studio music.

Adrian Belew - Strat Conversations

Interview | One Two Testing, Mar 1984

One Two listens to Stratists Jeff Beck, Adrian Belew and Richard Thompson. Plus a Hendrix compilation.

Adrian Belew - Tango Zebra

Interview | Music Technology, Mar 1987

What have David Bowie, Laurie Anderson, King Crimson, Frank Zappa and Jean-Michel Jarre got in common? They've all employed the services of Adrian Belew, one of the world's most inventive guitarists, and a man with a passion for creating new sound textures.

Al Hospers - A Visit From The Doctor

Interview | Sound On Sound, Jan 1990

Al Hospers, chief executive officer of Dr.T's Music Software in Boston, paid a flying visit to the recent PC Show during a whirlwind tour of Europe. Paul Gilby asks him about the past, present and future activities of this prolific music software house.

Alan Ayckbourn - Synclavier On The Stage

Interview | Music Technology, Nov 1988

A British playwright looks into the future and sees a composer locked away from the world with a machine that makes music for him. John Walters talks scripts and Synclaviers.

Alan Parsons - The Alan Parsons Project

Interview | Sound On Sound, May 1986

The man who took the credit for production on Pink Floyd's superlative 'Dark Side Of The Moon' album has since had ten years of album success with his own creation: The Alan Parsons Project. Richard Elen managed to track him down to London's Mayfair Studios, to discuss the appliance of music technology in his recordings.

Alan Price

Interview | International Musician, Oct 1975

Portrait of the artist as a (suffering) young man

Alan Rogun - The Roadie

Interview | One Two Testing, Sep 1984
or how to keep THESE men happy and stay alive

roadie to the stars tells all

Alex Harvey

Interview | International Musician, May 1975

Alvin Lee

Interview | International Musician, Aug 1975

On Fenderising his Gibson and varying his technique

America - Peek Performance

Interview | International Musician, Jul 1975

Dan Peek of the English band that everyone thinks is American

Andre Jacquemin - And Now For Something Completely Different

Interview | Home & Studio Recording, Mar 1985

An interesting interview with Andre Jacquemin who just happens to be the man responsible for the recording of the Monty Python madness that's surfaced on film and vinyl over the last decade or so.

Andrew Jones

Interview | Home & Studio Recording, Sep 1983

Sound engineer with Sky chats about his work and gives advice about recording.

Andrew Poppy - Pop Goes Minimal

Interview | Music Technology, Aug 1987

A successful composer of minimal music or would-be writer of pop instrumentals? Tim Goodyer isn't sure so he challenges the man himself for the answers.



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