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Want to help make this site better? Awesome!

We need magazine issues, or scans of your issues, to help complete magazine archives. We also would appreciate monetary donations to support the project. More details on the right, or just start with the form to tell us how you can help!


Thank You...

A number of people are helping supply issues on an on-going basis, or have helped by donating or scanning issues.

I'd like to give a special shout out to the following contributors of content:-

- Andy Basire - 11 issues
- Angelinda - 2 issues
- Bert Jansch / Adam Jansch - 7 issues
- Bill Blackledge - 3 issues
- Bird201 - 5 issues
- Chris Moore - 13 issues
- Chris Strellis - 2 issues
- Colin Potter - 96 issues
- David Phizacklea - 2 issues
- David Thompson - 20 issues
- diophantine - 1 issue
- Gab - 1 issue
- Gavin Livingstone - 5 issues
- George Sempepos - 4 issues
- Gordon Reid - 136 issues
- Ian Sanderson - 6 issues
- James Perrett - 11 issues
- Mike Gorman - 363 issues
- Neil Scrivin - 1 issue
- Pete Shales - 26 issues
- Retro Synth Ads - 3 issues
- Richard Elen - 1 issue
- Rob Hodder - 8 issues
- Russ Deval - 1 issue
- Simon Dell - 1 issue
- SOS Publications Ltd - 1 issue
- Stewart Lawler - 9 issues
- Tim Dyson - 8 issues
- Tony Black - 1 issue
- Vesa Lahteenmaki - 15 issues
- VN - 1 issue

In addition, I'd also like to thank those lovely people who have made monetary donations, and those that have sent in nice feedback, comments and suggestions.

You guys really help keep this project moving forward. It's really appreciated! Thank You.

And once you are finished with your mags, please don't throw them away! They can be donated to the excellent Hyman Archive.

More Information

Donations for October 2021

Issues donated this month: 8

Issues that people have supplied, bought for us or donated. Also includes issues we acquire or purchase.

Funds donated this month: £50.00

Monetary donations, including monthly supporters, to cover running costs, to let us purchase additional content, and to buy me the occasional cup of coffee while I work on this resource. All donations are gratefully appreciated - thank you.

Magazine issues we don't have

While we have completed collections of a few publications, there are many issues that we don't yet have. If you have any issues we are missing, then you can send them in the post to us for scanning. If you need the mag back when we're done, that's no problem, just include an SAE and we'll pop it back in the post as soon as it's scanned.

If you have access to a scanner (ideally, an A3 scanner for best results) and are happy to scan your issues for us, then all the better! For more info, see:

> Scanning / Upload details

We aim to build up as complete an archive of UK music production magazines as we can - if you have something and feel it should be included here, drop us a line.


Don't have any issues we need?

Issues come up for sale from time to time, particularly on ebay. If you want to help contribute, you could consider buying an issue or two that we need, and either scan them youself, or send them to us for scanning. That would be super-awesome - we've already bought a bunch of magazines on ebay for the site, but we unfortunately can't get everything we'd like.


Other donations

You may not have any issues we need, but you could consider donating some money - this will go towards site running costs, and would also be used to purchase additional magazines where we can, or additional assets such as a faster scanner or other things to help get content online more easily.


Ok I can help - what do I need to do?

Start with the form above to tell us what you plan to donate - we really appreciate it, and with your help we can hopefully end up with complete collections of all this stuff.


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