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Article from Making Music, October 1987

It's that first chord of 'Hard Day's Night'. You wrote in sackloads after the letter in last month's PPP (Prophetically headed 'Uproar'), which asked, "Any suggestions?" You bet.

The consensus is the dots-only chord shown (right), called G7sus4. Clive E Smith of Carlton, Notts, added the extra F marked with an X (right), and Mark Ridout of Amersham, Bucks, mucked things right up with the A marked with a square. Sounds OK, though.

Let's assume the basic G7sus4 is right. Which is the cue for Jon Riley of London SW14 casually to mention that G7sus4 is also known as G11. "In fact, as there's an indistinct F bass on the record, it could be F6 (add 9). Or you could play the same notes, more or less, on a 12-string by playing notes F and C on the sixth and fifth strings, with the third and fourth open to give the octave fourths."

"Is there a piano in there too?" asks Tim Nosurname of London SE9. Don't think so. "How about the strange solo, later on, then?" Ooh-er, weird.

"The Hard Day's chord," says John Francis of Middleton, Manchester, "can be played with a dash of chorus and a pinch of delay for 'Walking On The Moon,' open for the beginning of 'You've Lost That Loving Feeling,' or in A to play Free's 'All Right Now'. What's the first chord to Robert Cray's 'Right Next Door ? " Oh typical, you've started it all again.

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Making Music - Oct 1987

The Front End


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