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Coverage - Housemartins

Happy Hour | The Housemartins

Article from One Two Testing, September 1986

It's Housemartins again

There are many myths about The Housemartins. One is that they can do The Twist. As the Hon Sec of the Cleethorpes Chubby Checker Appreciation Society I feel it my duty to insist that wobbling your bottom about whilst wearing a cagool is a base denigration of the dance that has thrilled millions. Another myth is that The Housemartins are deep and whilst it is true that their songs are, on the whole, simple and pretty much the same, the lyrical content of the song falls far short of that needed to confirm them as profound men of pop; they sing of 'open wallets' and closed minds whereas they should be singing 'I've got a girlfriend with bows in her hair.' Nothing is better than that for earning yourself a meaningful interview with Mat Snow of the Enema.

To be anything like as good as Hull's fourth best band, you've all got to look like supporting actors from 'A Taste Of Honey' and exhibit a strong line in Xenophobia (classing London among foreign parts.)

The music itself should be no problem. A couple of guitars and a drumkit should make obsolete all the Fairclaviers that NASA has to offer. Avoid any chords that have the remotest connotations of jazz, funk or rock and sing fast. Finally, brook no comment from people like me who the think The Housemartins can't play for toffee and who are unable to understand the appeal of a simple song and a simple melody and you should find yourselves on Top Of The Pops too before you know it...

In the verse, the chords are a little more complex than in the chorus. A sixth is added to the chord then left off, vis:

It's happy
hour again

Think I might be happy etc (Repeat x 4)

In the chorus the chords are more basic, but essentially the same idea:

The bit which comes in between the chorus and the verse is even simpler:

Three bars of B , and one bar of F

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Publisher: One Two Testing - IPC Magazines Ltd, Northern & Shell Ltd.

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One Two Testing - Sep 1986

Feature by Selma Henson

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