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Mixing It!

Fast-breeding crusties


Article from The Mix, December 1994

Just as the indie scene struggles frantically to jump on the dance bandwagon, a new fusion of dance and rock has been growing as organically as the mushrooms on a traveller's caravan. Honed to perfection on the free festival circuit (before the CJB put a stop to it), this particular breed of fast reactor extracts the best from punk, psychedelic rock, house and acid, and combines it all into a steaming, trancey stew of bubbling synths, weird effects, pounding beats, crunchy guitars and shimmering sweeps.

Steve Hillage's Rainbow Dome Musick lit a candle in 1979 which various successors have fanned into a flame, amongst them his own System 7. The most exciting groups are those with roots as deep in the crustie scene as their dreadlocks. From dance crew DIY, thru the eclectic dub funk of Ozric Tentacles and space cadets Eat Static, a whole new generation of artists have emerged, with a new sound which draws on rock and house in equally irreverent proportions.

Forced blinking into the commercial arena, the latest and most authentic group vying for our attention is Timeshard, who are such dedicated followers of the hippie vibe that they even feature a live sitar player who pumps his ethereal dribblings through a Minimoog for abuse. Theirs is a decidedly low-tech approach to techno music, with a healthily abusive attitude to technology and a mission to seriously warp your brain. Mystic Crystal Oscillations and the sound of the 25th Century, Ladeez'n' Gen'lmen meet Timeshard!

"Hello, I'm Simon and I'm the guitarist"

"Hi! I'm Gobber and I do the squidgy bits"

"I'm Steve and I'm the love interest!"

Wreathed in a haze of ganga smoke in the basement at Club Dog, preparing to play support to System 7, Timeshard seem very unsure of when and how they had begun.

Simon: "Well, you can't just pin it down and say that's when we started it. I've said this before so I'll say it again, we coalesced like scum on a pond. It all evolved gradually, and we sort of noticed that we were a band."

Steve: "Gobber was doing a sound system with some local DJs about the time the acid house thing was kickin' off, and we used to tag along, plug our equipment in and do stuff over the top, blend it in. It was all very primitive, and a bit on the scary side really. We didn't really think we were doing dance music, we were just chuggin' rhythmically."

Simon: "There were a lot of people involved, and we used to have squat parties and put different club nights on. It was a lot more free and easy then, lots of places you could do things. We were in different bands and just interested in making lots of silly widgy noises on tape."

Steve: "It was only after a while we started linking up with other people doing similar things. 'Cos we didn't think we were similar to anybody really. It's become really mainstream now, we get loads of people saying to us, 'Oh yeah but, after the dance music thing dies off, what are you gonna do then?', I remember people saying that in like 1988!"

Simon: "We've got such a varied sort of music we do really. We don't do just 'dance stuff, a lot of our stuff you couldn't possibly dance to. I hate 'dance' as a term, and 'ambient' is worse. We started saying that we were electronic, psychedelic/electronics."

Steve: "Every magazine comes up with a different tag for our music, we're just waiting for someone to come up with a good one so we can steal it and say that's what we do. Ambi-teknik, I quite liked that one. Bonkers Techno Druids, that was even better."


It's almost impossible to describe the beautiful chaos that is Timeshard, and even harder to pin them down to anything. We did, however, manage to convince them to provide us with an exclusive remix of '25th Century' from their current album Crystal Oscillations on Ultimate Records' Planet dog imprint. Listen and see for yourselves!

- Timeshard: 25th Century

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Publisher: The Mix - Music Maker Publications (UK), Future Publishing.

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The Mix - Dec 1994

Donated by: Colin Potter

Coverdisc: Mike Gorman

Mixing It!





Re:Mix #6 Tracklisting:

04 Timeshard: 25th Century

This disk has been archived in full and disk images and further downloads are available at - Re:Mix #6.

Interview by Roger Brown

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