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Fast Forward

No hype, no waffle - just tomorrow's products today

Your guide to tomorrow’s new toys

PRODUCT: Eventide H3000-D/SX & H3000-D/SE Harmonisers

PRICE: SX £2,579, SE £3,166

The H3000-D/SE and H3000-D/SX are both derived from the H3000SE using the same algorithms etc, but with additional presets.

More from: HHB Communications (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Sabine FBX1802 Dual Feedback Eliminator

PRICE: £1,289

The FBX1802 provides two channels of automatic feedback control using a combination of nine narrow-band digital notch filters per channel.

More from: Shuttlesound (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Digidesign ADAT Interface

PRICE: £908 (+ £154 for PC cabling and software)
AVAILABLE: Now, with Macintosh and SoundTools versions planned

An interface which provides users of Digidesign's Session 8 PC with eight channels of simultaneous digital audio transfer between an Alesis ADAT and a Digidesign workstation.

More from: Digidesign UK (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: PMC TB1S nearfield monitor and XB1 sub-bass loudspeaker

PRICE: £366 and £499 respectively

The TB1S is the new version of PMC's TB1 hi-fi monitor, which is available in a magnetically screened version for use in close proximity to computer monitors. The XB1, which can be used in conjunction with the TB1S, is a floorstanding sub-bass enclosure designed for use with smaller monitors.

More from: Professional Monitor Company (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Digidesign 8821/0 audio interface

PRICE: £2,729

An optional 1U interface for use with Digidesign's Session 8 for the PC or Mac, which provides eight channels of A/D and D/A conversion.

More from: Digidesign UK (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: MR2024T Prism Sound Interface

PRICE: £2,345

A new interface for the Tascam DA88 recorder that allows, via a connection to the DA88's digital interface, 20- and 24-bit multitrack recordings to be made.

More from: The Tyrell Corporation (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: 3G HP MkII power amps

PRICE: HP200 £510, HP400 £645, HP1200 £1,057

Revised from the existing HP range, the HP200 and HP400 are 1U 100W per channel and 2U 220W per channel amplifiers suitable for both live and studio applications. The HP1200 is a 2U 610W per channel amplifier specifically suited to live applications.

More from: HW International (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: 3G Silk Series mixing consoles

PRICE: from £1,475 (16:2:1) to £2,675 (24:8:16:2:1)

Replacing the GA series, the new models consist of 'live' mixers in either 16:2:1 or 24:2:1 formats, and 'studio' models in 16:8:16:2:1 and 24:8:16:2:1 configurations.

More from: HW International (Contact Details)


PRICE: £499

The WMS50 is a VHF radio microphone system available in three guises: a Vocal set, a Presenter set (using the AKG C407/B tie-clip microphone), and a Guitar set that also works with the AKG Micro-Mics.

More from: Harman Audio (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Sony audio cassette tapes

PRICE: Variable

The Sony XS and UXS are chrome (the latter being the better tape) and are available in multipacks of 60- and 90-minute tapes. The Metal XR is sold in twinpacks of 60 and 90 minutes.

More from: Sony Tape (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: 3M ASD S-VHS cassettes

PRICE: £11.57 (TEC)
AVAILABLE: September

The 3M ASD cassette has been designed specifically for the Alesis and Fostex ADATs - a single 40-minute tape will soon being included with every machine shipped.

More from: 3M (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Panasonic SV4100 DAT recorder

PRICE: £1,643

The SV4100 sees the implementation of instant Start and Video sync as well as other important facilities, onto the specifications of Panasonic's existing SV3700 professional DAT recorder.

More from: HHB Communications (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Alesis Quadraverb 2

PRICE: £899
AVAILABLE: September

The Quadraverb 2 is a dual-channel effects processor with up to eight simultaneous effects available which can be configured in any combination. It also has ADAT optical inputs and outputs enabling audio processing to be done digitally.

More from: Sound Technology (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: CEDAR AZ1 azimuth corrector


Automatically detects and corrects phase problems in audio recordings.

More from: HHB Communications (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Alesis X2 mixing console

PRICE: £6,500
AVAILABLE: September

The X2 features 24 input channels, 8 group outputs, 4-band EQ (2-band parametric), and MIDI muting. An Alesis ADAT can be connected digitally via a 56-pin multiway connector.

More from: Sound Technology (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Symetrix 602 processor

PRICE: £1,939

The 602 features digital compression, de-essing, noise reduction, gain control, parametric EQ, expander gating and stereo delay. It also features stereo balanced line inputs and outputs.

More from: Sound Technology (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: SoundTech Panoramic T-series mixers

PRICES: T816 £1,999, T824 £2,769, T832 £3,779
AVAILABLE: September

The 8-buss T-series of mixers are available in 16-, 24-, and 32-channel formats and feature 3-band EQ and five balanced aux sends, with each channel having its own LED output level meter.

More from: Washburn (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Mark of the Unicom Digital Time Piece

PRICE: £999

The Digital Time Piece allows sample-accurate synchronisation of multiple digital audio devices and, using a Sony 9-pin video sync connector, a wide range of video machines as well.

More from: Sound Technology (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Sountracs Solitaire production console

PRICE: From £10,964 + VAT

The console is fully modular, enabling numerous options to be factory-fitted to suit the user. Options include: assignable dynamics on every channel, VCA fader on both main inputs and monitor, stereo input modules and a TT jack patchbay.

More from: Soundtracs (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Micropolis Microdisk AV modular hard disk systems

PRICE: 1.05GB £1,219, 1.76GB £1,556

Designed specifically for audio/visual applications, the Microdisk AV system allows the user to add modules together to expand to the desired storage capacity.

More from: Micropolis (Contact Details)


PRICE: 63mins £11.75, 74mins £12.63

The new CD-R from 3M comes in 63- and 74-minute formats and features a protective label write-on area, thus eliminating the need for sticky labels.

More from: 3M (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: J L Cooper CuePoint

PRICE: £699

A universal remote control allowing operation of up to four different MMC devices simultaneously, CuePoint also has SMPTE to MTC conversion and SMPTE reader/generator functions.

More from: Sound Technology (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Sennheiser MKE102 modular clip-on mic system

PRICE: £375

The system is based around the ME102 omni-directional capsule and features a 40Hz-20KHz response with a maximum handling capacity of 137dB at 1KHz.

More from: Sennheiser (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Micropolis Scorpio 1991AV hard disk

PRICE: £3,500

This 9.1 Gigabyte 5.25" hard disk is the latest addition to Micropolis' family of AV storage systems offering a high capacity to suit applications such as multimedia, video and digital editing.

More from: Micropolis (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Pro-Bel 6510 digital audio analyser

PRICE: £3,400

New enhancements in the 6510 include an improved audio meter, the ability to measure audio path delays independently for both channels, and a filter for removing DC in audio signals.

More from: Pro-Bel (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Sony PRMD74 recordable MiniDisc


The PRMD74 can fit up to 74 minutes of digital audio on its 64mm disc and comes with a CD-type case for storage.

More from: Sony Professional (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Tektronix AM70 digital audio analyser/generator

PRICE: £2,319

The AM70 has been designed as a handheld tester for troubleshooting audio systems. Featured are balanced analogue inputs, digital and optical inputs and outputs, and a screen and keypad for user input.

More from: Tektronix (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Bryston power amp range

PRICE: From £875 to £2,195

The amplifiers range from the 50W 2B, to the 800W 7B and configurable 4-channel 8B amplifiers, and are claimed by the manufacturer to be "virtually indestructible in normal use".

More from: Professional Monitor Company (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Milab LSR1000 condenser mic

PRICE: £265

Designed for on-stage vocal use, the LSR1000 has a cardioid polar pattern and a maximum handling capacity of 132dB.

More from: Autograph Sales (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: ARX DI2 direct box

PRICE: £200

The DI2 is a stereo pair of direct insert boxes in one case, and features a switchable -20dB pad, switchable +10dB gain, audio ground lift and battery check switches, and dual XLR outputs.

More from: MTR (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: 3M 275LE digital mastering tape

PRICE: 35mins £8.95, 75mins £11.05, 110mins £14.85

Fully compatible with all digital open-reel formats, the 3M 275LE is available in all popular widths and lengths (from 1200 to 9600 feet) and is supplied in a library case.

More from: 3M (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Re-an modular patchbay

PRICE: c.£70

A patchbay system offering inexpensive 48-way patching via jack-to-jack connectors.

More from: Re-an (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Allen & Heath GR1 and GB3 mixing consoles

PRICES: GB3 £3,879 GR1 £645

The GB3 is a 14:2:1 configured desk, featuring four mono inputs, two Telco inputs and six stereo inputs together with two effects returns, and is designed to be expandable via modules planned for the future. The GR1, designed for live audience applications, is a six-channel mixer that features remote control of Channel, Left, Right and Mono output levels.

More from: Harman Audio (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: ART DXR, DXR Elite and RXR Elite stereo processors

PRICES: DXR £249, DXR/RXR Elite £329

The DXR Elite and RXR Elite are both fully-programmable true stereo effects processors. The DXR incorporates delay, flange and chorus programs, while the RXR has a full complement of reverbs, including reverse, gated and room. The Elite models also include realtime MIDI implementation.

More from: Harman Audio (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Sony radio microphone systems

PRICES: From £2,360 to £5,198 complete

A complete system typically consists of a tuner (the WRR820R or WRR810R), one UHF transmitter, various accessories, and a microphone to suit particular requirements (eg. vocal or instrument) which are available separately or as a whole.

More from: Raycom (Contact Details)

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