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Fast Forward

No hype, no waffle - just tomorrow's products today

Tomorrow’s hot products previewed

PRODUCT: BSS FCS-930 single channel graphic equaliser

PRICE: £585

The FCS-930 is a single channel version of the FCS-960 2-channel graphic equaliser, designed for fixed installations such as clubs and theatres. Features include a variable hi-pass filter, adjustable gain, and a peak warning led.

More from: BSS Audio Ltd (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Yamaha GW33 guitar pedal processor

PRICE: £399
AVAILABLE: End of September

The GW33 has 8 effects blocks: compressor, distortion, equaliser/amp simulator, modulation 1/2 (including Aural Exciter®, phaser, pedal wah and pitch shift), delay, reverb and noise gate. The unit also includes a built-in metronome and a chromatic tuner and has 25 preset effect programs and 25 user effect programs.

More from: Yamaha-Kemble Music LTD. (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Roland TD-5 Percussion Sound Module

PRICE: £445

Based upon the Roland TD-7, the TD-5 can be triggered by up to 8 stereo inputs including the KD-5 kick drum and FD-7 hi-hat controller. It features 210 preset drum and percussion sounds, 32 preset patches (user-definable), and built-in reverb.

More from: Roland UK (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Ricoh RS-9200 CD Recording System

PRICE: £2,348

This CD recorder is computer based. Can be used in conjunction with CD-ROM.

More from: CD Revolution (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Boss RV-70 Digital Stereo Reverb

PRICE: £375

A 16-bit digital processor with 44.1kHz D/A conversion offering 199 preset programmes, it has effects level and pre-delay times immediately accessible from the front pannel controls. Many of the presets come from the SRV-330.

More from: Boss (Roland UK) (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Ramtek Mass Storage range

PRICE: From £600

Ramtek Mass Storage systems are a range of 1U rackmount units, each of which houses either 1 or 2 SCSI-based storage devices. Capacities range from 88Mb to over 4 Gigabytes.

More from: Audio Tech (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Allen & Heath GL3 Mixing console

PRICE: £2,348 (16 channel), £3,406 (24 channel)

A compact mixer. Designed for use as a FOH mixer.

More from: Jane Pendry, Harman Audio (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Roland Super JV-1080 2U rackmount synthesizer module

PRICE: £1,085

A 16 part multitimbral, 64 note polyphonic synth module, with 640 internal patches (made up of 448 waveforms), which allows up to 4 JV-series 8Mb expansion boards and wave card to be installed simultaneously. This gives you access to up to 1,660 internal waveform patches.

More from: Roland UK (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Roland DA-400 Convertor

PRICE: £379

The DA-400 is a 4 channel digital to analogue convertor that gives owners of the Roland S-760 sampler access to 8 outputs in combination with the OP-760-1/1P expansion board. It offers 18 bit, 8 times oversampling and accepts both coaxial and optical digital inputs (one input only) which enables it to work with CD players, DAT recorders as well as other digital audio equipment.

More from: Roland UK (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Yamaha RY20 drum machine

PRICE: £399

This small machine contains 256 sampled AWM voices, including drums, effected drums, percussion and bass sounds. It has 20 preset and 20 user drum kits, each including 5 pad banks plus a 5-octave pad bank, velocity sensitive pads, digital effects (with delay that can follow a song tempo automatically), and a 'groove' facility.

More from: Yamaha-Kemble (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Roland JC Guitar Amps

PRICE: 120E-£695, 85-E £499, 20-E £199

New range consists of: JC-120E (2 12" 60W+60W (RMS) speakers), the JC-85E (2 10" 40W + 40W (RMS) speakers), and JC-20E (2 5" 10W+10W (RMS) speakers). The JC-120E contains stereo send/return loops, and JC chorus. The JC-85E has a mono send/return loop, and chorus. The JC-20E has only chorus.

More from: Roland UK (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Axxent ProMix Memory mixer

PRICE: To be announced

It's a digitally controlled audio mixer with 12 input channels in a compact 2U 19" rack package. Featuring 128 effects presets, it comes with a 3.5" disk with MIDI mixer pages for use with sequencer software such as Cubase and has an auto-level function, individually switchable for all channels. With remote control.

More from: Pro Audio Marketing, Frankfurt, Germany (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: DMC Colourbox Wave System

PRICE: To Be Announced
AVAILABLE: To be announced

A very small system which utilises a numerical formula to create sound; whereby, several synchronously locked arbitrary contours modulate a waveforman event. Parameters include level, pitch, frequency, pitch (hence replacing ADSR's and LFO's), delays, vibrato, and subharmonics. At about A4 size, the machine, in future will incorporate a host computer. Unit has its own keyboard.

More from: To be announced

PRODUCT: Yamaha P1500/P2500/P3500 PA

PRICE: P1500-£499/P2500-£599/P3500-£699

Operating in a stereo mode, the P1500 gives 150 watts a channel into 8 ohms, the P2500-250 watts and the P3500-350 watts. Frequency response is 20-20,000 Hz with less than 0.1% THD. Also works in bridged mono mode to deliver 420, 700 and 980 watts respectively.

More from: Yamaha-Kemble (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Digitech MC2 MIDI Continuous Controller Pedal


Capable of controlling volume, pan, expression effects (wah, pitch-shift etc), and other functions on C.C. editable processors, it provides a choice of 16 MIDI channels and operates on battery or AC power.

More from: Arbiter Group (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: SoundTech Live Series LS2HC Speaker System


The speaker contains the 12" STS cast frame woofer and a dual axis radial horn and 1 inch exit driver. The unit is compact, handles 240 Watts, and is protected by a system which senses when too much power is being sent to the horn driver and gets rid of the excess.

More from: Washburn (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Micron TX503 Hand-Held Transmitter

PRICE: £893

Transmitter is lightweight and is available with various choices of dynamic or condenser mic heads. Offering switchable-frequency options, the TX503 has an integral antenna and incorporates the Micron CNS system.

More from: Autograph Sales (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: BASF Studio Master 911 2" tape

PRICE: Various

The tape has an additional minute added to it containing a series of test tones designed for doing tape machine alignment checks. Six different frequencies from 31.5 Hz to 18 kHz are recorded for 9 seconds each, following which, the rest of the tape is available for recording purposes.

More from: BASF (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Que-8 Stereo Headphone Foldback System

PRICE: £464

The Que-8 interfaces with the mixing console and is usually connected to auxiliary send outputs. It has its own 8 channel mixer which allows artists to alter the levels of the mix as they please.

More from: Formula Sound (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Sennheiser 1052 and 1053 Transmitters

PRICE: £799 and £879 respectively

The 1052 is a dedicated guitar belt-pack transmitter and the 1053 is a pocket transmitter and clip mic system for voice and instrument pick-up. The 1052 is connected to the guitar by an integral lead with a 1/4" jack plug and has a mute switch to allow noiseless switching, while the 1053 is a clip-on radio mic that can be connected to a sax, trumpet, trombone, the bridge of a violin, or the sound hole of an acoustic guitar. The 1053 has an omni-directional condenser capsule and a 2 position sensitivity switch for correct input level. They both have 2 VHF transmission frequencies and are powered by a 9v battery.

More from: Sennheiser UK (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Otari Radar digital recorder

PRICE: £16,995

Radar consists of a basic 8 track configuration, with full remote control, which can expand to 16 or 24 tracks. The internal 3Gb hard disk capacity allows continuous recording of 22.5 minutes for 24 tracks (540 track minutes). Expansion up to 144 tracks is available by cascading 6 Radars by "Radar-Link". The machine contains a built-in synchroniser which chases and locks to all timecode sources.

More from: Stirling Audio Systems (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Digitech DHP33 Digital Harmony Processor

PRICE: £699

The DHP33 manipulates harmonies in 3 modes; chromatic, scalar and chordal. Designed for all types of instruments, the unit also gives a number of other effects including arpeggiation, chorus and delay.

More from: Arbiter Group (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Digitech Vocalist 2 voice processor

PRICE: £749

Offering 99 user-definable and factory presets, it can be programmed to change chords automatically in sync with a MIDI sequencer and has a lot of space for storing song programs. It offers an editable harmony library with intelligent chordal, scalic and chromatic harmonies, and harmony volume can be edited, as can the speed, depth, attack and vibrato. A 3 switch foot pedal, built-in microphone preamp and mic jack are also included.

More from: Arbiter Group Tel 081 202 1199 Fax: 081 202 7076

PRODUCT: Korg X-5 Synth


With a 61-note keyboard and 128 general MIDI programs and combinations covering different styles, the X5 also incorporates a built-in computer interface suitable for both multimedia and sequencing uses. Pitch and modulation wheels, plus a digital multi-effects system are also included.

More from: Korg UK (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Maplin Stereo Audio Mixer

PRICE: £105

Accepts signals from 2 turntables or line inputs and feeds the output to 2 stereo amplifiers. Each channel has a fader, input selector, and signal level display, also featured is a cross-fader and and headphone monitor selector and fader.

More from: Maplin electronics (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: EMO E007 Miniature Digital Tape Recorder


Originally designed as a tool of the espionage industry (allegedly), the E007 is a 4 track, 20 bit digital tape recorder with a 48kHz sampling rate. With a recording time of 6 hours and a built-in transmitter, it is amazingly, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand!

More from: EMO systems (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Digitech TSR12 Multi Effects


It includes reverbs, delays, pitch shifting, chorus, flange, phasing, modulation effects and noise reduction. The processor uses a servo loop which continually locks in the digital bias and helps to virtually eliminate digital aliasing noise. It features 33 preset algorithms, a max delay time of 1.5 seconds and 2 inputs and outputs.

More from: Arbiter Group (Contact Details)


PRICE: Various

The new CD-R master is available with playing times of 63 minutes (660Mb) and 74 minutes (780Mb), and has "Data Seal" which claims to give the CD a much harder surface than earlier versions.

More from: BASF (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: BASF Studio Master 900 maxima

PRICE: Various

BASF claim electro-acoustical improvements on this tape for handling greater volume, everything from bass to high frequency harmonics to give extra headroom.

More from: BASF (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Panasonic REAL FZ-1 3DO Interactive Multiplayer System

PRICE: £339

This CD based multimedia platform plays music CD's, photo CD's, and custom 3DO CD's. It attaches to a TV and comes with the adventure game "Total Eclipse".

More from: Panasonic dealers

PRODUCT: Korg AX30G Guitar Multi-Effects

PRICE: £375

This combines analogue and digital circuitry. The unit features a "pressure pedal" which enables the user to change effects parameters in real-time, 50 preset programs, 28 effects groups, 24 possible effects chain combinations, an "auto chromatic tuner" and an aux in jack.

More from: Korg UK (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Sennheiser MD504 Drum Mic

PRICE: £79

This is a new dynamic microphone, specifically made for drum miking. About the size of a man's thumb, this mic can handle pressure levels in excess of 160 dB, and has a cardioid polar pattern.

More from: Sennheiser UK (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Stanton Trackmaster AL1 cartridge + stylus

PRICE: Around £85

A new addition to the Stanton stylus range, is an equivalent of the Ortofon Nightclub. It consists of an integrated headshell design, which basically means that you just plug the cartridge straight on to the docking collar without any wiring, a cantilever design for "backcue operation without risk of stylus damage", "improved trackability for better sound quality", a new V-guard replaceable stylus and is available with High-polish spherical or Stereohedron™ elliptical diamond. Comes in a case with a spare stylus.

More from: Local hi-fi or disco equipment dealer.

PRODUCT: Imrak 600 Hardware Cabinet

PRICE: From £281 to £356

This metal cabinet comes fitted with 2 pairs of panel supports and a pair of panel mounting angles. Available in 12, 17 and 22U sizes, it comes with a lockable rear door. Access is through the front and rear.

More from: Wadsworth (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: Ramsa WS-A35 Two-Way Speaker


A near-field 2-way bass reflex unit that measures 385mm x 230mm x 220mm that features a Ramsa WG horn. Its woofer has near-field tuning to suppress ambient sound resonance, a thermal protector is built into the unit to prevent prolonged excessive power input, and a cancelling magnet has been built in to prevent magnetic leakage from video monitors etc.

More from: Ramsa (Contact Details)

PRODUCT: PPS-2 Phantom Power Supply

PRICE: £40

The unit houses 2 channels which can be used simultaneously, and delivers 24 volts per channel from 3 batteries, 3 rechargeable batteries, or an external DC supply. The system contains an internal recharger with a dedicated socket, and has a low battery warning led.

More from: MTR (Contact Details)

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