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Leads. Don't you just hate them? Not Leeds, leads. Not only does it take ages to find the right one, but when you do eventually come across it, it's all kinked and generally knackered. Oh dear.

Well, here's the way to keep your leads in much better nick, so they'll always be (a) nice and unmangled, and (b) easy to store. This is how the professionals do it.

Get the lead all unravelled on the floor, take one end in your left hand, and stand over the lead in a mildly dominating fashion, just to show it who's boss.

Grip with your right hand about 18in along the lead, and hold it between the first finger and thumb with the palm facing downwards, same as the left hand.

Now keep your left hand still and move your right hand towards it, gently twisting the lead between the right hand thumb and first finger. It's this rolling action that does the work for you, curling the lead into a loop which you grip in your left hand. Now take another 18in worth and repeat the process until the whole lead is looped in your left hand. Wind the two plug ends of the lead around the resulting loops a few times to keep everything together.

Now you have a tidy, safe lead which will stay that way until you come to use it - and when you do use it, it'll be kinkless and will probably last longer than its mistreated colleagues. Good show.

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