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Colour up by Chandler

Chandler Guitars have a new range of custom guitars in their Schecter Custom Series — Strat type, Tele type and P Bass type — and each type is available in 'this year's colours' which range from stark 100% black with cream binding to pearlescent coloured instruments with bright chrome parts.

They also have new items from the E.S.P. company including a range of vintage-style replacement pickups.

Details of new and existing items from Chandler Guitars, (Contact Details).

New Portastudio Launch

May saw the much-awaited launch of Tascam's new Portastudio, the M244. Speculations preceded the unveiling by several weeks and while maintaining the basic package idea the new developments and incorporations run into quite a list.

Major changes include: 4-channel recording ability; parametric EQ control; electronic 4-digit counter; stereo auxiliary circuit with pan controls and pre/post EQ and fader select; stereo or 4-channel tape output; monitor circuit for cue, remix and auxiliary; front panel and remote record 'punch-in'; and three-motor logic-controlled transport. New features include overload input and overload output buss LEDs, mixer input break jacks and improved controls.

Significant, too, is the inclusion of DBX II noise-reduction which, say Tascam, gives a signal to noise ratio of -90dB.

The M244 should be available from June.

For more details contact your local Tascam retailer or Harman (Audio) U.K. Ltd., (Contact Details).

New LinnDrum

Linn Electronics, manufacturers of the 'real drums' digital computer, the LM-1, have developed the LinnDrum which, they say, is an improved model at a cheaper price.

It stores as many as 49 different rhythm patterns, all programmed in real time with adjustable error correction and complete editing facilities. Dynamics and 'human-feel' are programmable, too.

Separate outputs for all sounds are provided and a stereo mix can be arranged by the integrated front panel mixer.

The drum sounds can be changed by using alternate 'chips' supplied by the factory. Custom prepared sounds are also available.

Prices range from £1,950 to £2,700. (The LinnDrum will be reviewed soon in E&MM.)

Details from Syco Systems Ltd., (Contact Details).


Siel have just launched four new synthesisers, three of which are available in this country.

The Siel Orchestra produces a range of orchestral presets from brass and strings to piano and reeds with controls for brilliance, attack, sustain and vibrato.

The Mono produces 10 voices: brasso tuba, trombone, trumpet, flute, piccolo, sax, clarinet, violin, bass and guitar. There is a free/preset select button and substantial control over the various sound parameters.

The Cruise is a mono/poly configuration which combines the ideas behind the Siel Orchestra and the Mono into a more variable instrument. The two sections can be played separately or combined and the Cruise offers split keyboard facility. Recommended retail price is £699.

More information from Minns Music Ltd., (Contact Details).

Sennheiser Phones — Easy On The Ear

Two new headphones from Sennheiser are the HD40 and the HD230.

The HD40 are light (60g) and comfortable to wear and have a two-colour indicator system to indicate right and left channels. The phones slide up and down a rod and click stop every 4mm and the ear pads are easily removed for washing.

The HD40 needs a fairly high output to drive them and it may be worthwhile checking it out with equipment it is going to be used with. Frequency response is very flat. Nominal impedance is 170 ohms.

The HD230 are constructed with a two-way transducer consisting of a wideband driver and a special treble driver. The construction is such that a close seal is made between the ear pads and the ear; the pads simply pull out for cleaning. Colour coded lead-outs indicate left and right channels - and weight is low (260g) compared with similar types of headphone. A central click-stop band gives non-slip adjustment and the phones sit comfortably on the head.

Frequency response is quoted as 10-30,000Hz and impedance is 600 ohms.

Further information is available from Hayden Laboratories Ltd., (Contact Details).

More Speakers from Bose

Bose 802 Professional Loudspeakers

Several new speaker systems have been launched by Bose U.K. Ltd.

The 802 and 802-W Articulated Array loudspeaker systems are designed for professional use. The 802-W system features a wood enclosure with modified input connectors and is designed to meet the needs of permanent installations.

The Articulated Array system contains eight Bose D-11A full-range drivers mounted on a faceted three-dimensional baffle to provide smooth horizontal and vertical dispersion and eliminate hot or dull spots.

They are designed for use with most material including that containing low-frequency energy such as bass instruments and drums.

The 402 and 402-W speakers share much of the same technology as the 802 system but are designed for use with limited-range program material such as vocals, guitar and wind instruments. They use four D-22A drivers and are also mounted on a baffle placement for even, round dispersion.

Both systems require their own specially-designed equaliser. Suggested retail prices including equalisers are £825 per pair for the 802-W and £550 per pair for the 402-W. Prices include VAT.

Bose 601 Series II Loudspeakers

On the domestic front Bose have launched the 501 Series III and 601 Series II Direct/Reflecting Speakers. Each will work efficiently with amplifiers of 20 watts per channel. The 501 will handle up to 100 watts RMS per channel and the 601 will take up to 150. Each features Bose's Dual Frequency crossover network and the speakers are designed to give a broad stereo image from almost anywhere in the room.

Suggested prices for the 501 and 601 are £395 and £825 respectively, including VAT.

More details and information are available from Bose U.K. Ltd., (Contact Details).

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