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New products for the music business

Hitachi introduce their bid for the Compact Disc market with the DA 1000 Computer Controlled CD player.

The DA 1000 uses a new Uni-torque motor to give a claimed wow and flutter too small to be significant, together with distortion no greater than 0.03% at any frequency. It's a 16-bit quantisation design with a sampling frequency of 44.1 kHz, and a variety of Play and Memory Modes. FF or FB run through the disc playing short samples until released at about 30 second intervals; Memory Stop marks any point on the disc for instant location using FF or FB; Repeat allows a disc to play continuously while Random Memory Programming recalls a series of tracks in any order.

Time and programme information is displayed when desired, and a location indicator shows which portion of the disc is playing. The DA 1000 operates using a self-correcting 3-laser system and a unique D-A convertor claimed to produce superior sound quality with minimum distortion. Recommended retail price including VAT is £555.

Further details from Hitachi UK Sales, (Contact Details).

Multivox have introduced a new bass pedal synthesiser, the MX450. It features a full octave of keys and a powerful two-oscillator sound. Foot-switch controls include Sub-Oscillator, VCF Sweep, Percussion, Slow Attack, Sustain and VCA Hold. VC and Trigger inputs and outputs allow the MX450 to be interfaced with other synthesisers, sequencers and modular units such as the SQ-01 Digital Sequencer/Synthesiser.

Further details from Multivox, (Contact Details).

TOA Electronics announce a new series of radio microphones incorporating diversity receivers. This design involves two aerials and an automatic control to ensure that the strongest signal is always used. Designs available include a hand-held model and a tie-clip unit linked to a small belt transmitter. Both models include windscreens and battery strength indicators.

Further details from TOA Electronics, (Contact Details).

Sennheiser demonstrated their range of microphones, including radio transmitter models, at the Frankfurt Music Fair. Seen on the Sennheiser bandstand is European representative Michael Kessler.

Further details Hayden Labs, (Contact Details).

Technics expand their range of multiple noise reduction cassette decks with the RS-M235 X. Offering Dolby B, Dolby C and dbx noise reduction, it reaches a claimed s/n of 92dB and dynamic range of 100 dB, together with low wow and flutter figures from a two-motor drive system. Automatic tape formulation sensing and a built-in timer facility are two more capabilities of the deck, which retails at £176.95.

Further details from National Panasonic, (Contact Details).

Seck's Producer is a versatile broadcast standard mixer featuring four input channels each with cue facilities for suitably equipped record or tape decks, and with an overall stereo balance control, Auxiliary microphone input, headphone monitoring and all the other facilities necessary for radio, TV, cable or disco work. On show at the Frankfurt Music Fair, it's distributed by Turnkey who will be happy to supply further details.

Turnkey, (Contact Details).

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