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Moog SL-8, Korg effects

Moog SL-8

Moog gave us a preview of their new product, the SL-8, at the Chicago Show. As the name implies, it is an 8-voice polyphonic with split/layer capability. This means you can divide the keyboard with two different sounds (4 voices each) on either sides of the programmable split or double two different sounds on 4 notes over the whole keyboard. There are 100 programs plus 100 programmable locations of voicing combinations and stereo outputs. There is only one oscillator per voice, but sync sweep is possible. Normally this can only be done with two oscillators, but Moog have put in a circuit called the Variable Harmonic Multiplier which produces this effect from just one. There is also a sub-oscillator for each voice.

The filters are the patented Moog design (analogue) but everything else is done using digital technology from the DCOs to the envelope generators. Auto-tune is therefore no longer necessary and there is 8-bit resolution on all the knobs (giving 256 individual increments).

System Controller and Sequencer/Arpeggiator.

The digital nature of the instrument also facilitates the comprehensive arpeggiation/sequencer section. There are 3 polyphonic sequences with 500 notes each, and using the split voicing, it will be possible to play them in combination with each other or with the arpeggiator (at different tempos if required). The System Controller will have a blue fluorescent display with an alpha-numeric key pad (like the Memorymoog). The instrument will also have MIDI in, out and through, and software will be available to run it with various popular home computers.

The other good news for Moog endorsees is that a sequencer for the Memorymoog will soon be available which will be standard on all models built from September, and for those who have already bought their instrument it is retro-fittable.

For information on prices and availability on all Moog products please contact: Ray Goudie, (Contact Details).

Korg PME40X Modular Effects.

The new Korg Professional Modular Effects PME-40X offers the musician a range of 8 modules that fit into a special pedalboard holding 4 such modules. The modules currently being developed are Overdrive, Distortion, Compressor, Stereo Flanger, Stereo Chorus, Graphic EQ, Ext Selector and Filler Box. The system combines the low cost of normal pedals with the quality of professional signal processors.

Guyatone Pedals.

Guyatone have been busy expanding their successful range of effects pedals and have just announced a further 8 units. The Tube Distortion and Tube Overdrive effects, both feature valves in the circuitry to reproduce controllable authentic valve sounds.

The new Compressor Sustainer and Distortion Sustainer both have additional controls compared to conventional pedals whilst the new 8 Band Graphic Equaliser looks like being one of the most competitive available at £49.95 R.R.P.

Guyatone have developed the overdrive effect by including Bass and Treble controls on their new Overdrive Sonic pedal.

Two variable delay time settings are available on the new Guyatone Time Delay effect which includes noise reduction circuitry.

Guyatone have designed a multi function Stereo Chorus which provides a total of 4 patterns of chorus and vibrato effects.

All these new Guyatone models feature ON/OFF and battery indicator, AC adaptor jack and luminous labels for identification on a dark stage.

For further details contact Robert Castle, Product Manager, Rose Morris and Company Limited, (Contact Details).

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