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Article from Electronic Soundmaker & Computer Music, May 1984

Equipment news

The latest from the music industry

The Digi-Atom 4800 auditions for a starring role in '2001'

Molecular Marvel

The Digi-Atom 4800 from Zephyr Electronics is an analogue to MIDI interface that allows analogue sequencers such as the MC-4, MC-202 and others, to have complete control over any MIDI synthesizer. It converts up to eight control voltages and gates into MIDI data. Additional inputs include velocity control, pitch bend, modulation amount, release and program select.

The user can select from any of four different operating modes for eight voice polyphonic control, or four voice polyphony with independent velocity control on each voice. Other modes include a double or triple mode for a 'live' ensemble of MIDI synthesizer.

The Digi-Atom 4800 means that conventional analogue equipment is now compatible with MIDI synthesizers, allowing users to work with both mediums. It also has a number of interfacing applications. A Roland sync input can be used to synchronise a MIDI sequencer to an analogue sequencer. Analogue synthesizers can be connected to MIDI keyboards to play simultaneously together, MIDI drum machines can be driven from analogue or pulse gate signals, and so on.

No UK price has been announced as we go to press but we're trying to lay our hands on one, so we hope to be bringing you a review in a future issue.

Klone DPS

Yet another Klone?

Honky Tonk Music have announced an addition to their Klone range of electronic drums. The Klone Dual Percussion Synthesizer, first shown at this year's Frankfurt Show.

It has two plastic shells with touch sensitive rubber playing surfaces. The Dual is capable of producing a variety of modern drum sounds and can also be triggered by a rhythm box or synthesizer.

The Dual Percussion Synthesizer has been designed to meet the needs of the drummer who doesn't wish to go totally electronic, but it could equally be used by stand up percussion players or as part of a home recording set-up.

The Klone Dual Percussion Synthesizer costs £299 and comes complete with a hard fibre carrying case.

"Don't Hit Me"

TED's Digisound

TED, a Dutch company, has designed a recording unit in which real sounds can be stored digitally. Called the Digisound, the unit comes complete with a preprogrammed sound — say, that of a Simmons tom or, the hit of the Frankfurt show, a girl's voice saying "Don't hit me". This sound can then be triggered by a drummer using a contact mic attached to the skin of his acoustic tom or triggered from a rhythm box or synthesizer. TED say that you will also be able to have a sound of your own stored in the Digisound memory by sending a tape of the sound to them, though there would be some loss of quality. Signal-to-noise ratio is good at 72dB.

Besides trigger and output controls, the Digisound has a pitch knob so the recorded sound's pitch can be raised or lowered.

The Digisound is distributed in the UK by John Hornby Skewes and prices are expected to start at £125 for a single unit whilst combined units will be around £195.


The Currah Micro Speech unit, reviewed in Vol 1, No 2 of ES&CM, has been voted Product of the Year 1983 by the Computer Trade Association. The award was presented by John Butcher, the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Industry, to Currah's area managers, Rodney Holland and Quentin Fletcher, at the CTA award dinner on Monday February 13th.

Sales of Micro Speech have now topped the one million pound mark following it's launch last September. The unit allows the Sinclair Spectrum owner to make his computer talk using allophone synthesis.

Folding Phones

AKG have just released the K1 headphones which can fold into the pocket or the carrying case provided.

AKG claim that the K1 combines good bass reproduction with clear midrange and treble as well as strong and good looking construction. Frequency response is 30-18000Hz and the K1 can be connected to any headphone output with an impedance between 5 and 600 ohms.

The AKG K1 headphones are expected to retail at around £10.00.

Without Peer?

An Interesting new loudspeaker design has been announced by Wilmslow Audio. Using four high power eight inch drive units by Peerless of Denmark supplemented by a bullet tweeter, the design is claimed to combine quality with very high efficiency. Power handling is 250 watts RMS for use in PA, folk bands, overhead speakers for disco and side fill on large PA rigs.

The speaker is available in kit form at £189.95 including completely assembled cabinet or £145.00 less cabinet.

Wilmslow Audio can be contacted at (Contact Details).

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Publisher: Electronic Soundmaker & Computer Music - Cover Publications Ltd, Northern & Shell Ltd.

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Electronic Soundmaker - May 1984

Donated & scanned by: Mike Gorman


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