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EMG Guitar Pickups.

Importers EFR Guitars Ltd. are bringing in the EMG series of guitar pickups from the States. These low-impedance designs are the work of two brothers, Rob and Bill Turner of Santa Rosa, California, and in a few short years since the EMG Corporation was founded in 1977, the list of artists using their pickups has become a long and impressive one. To date EMG can count among their clients such acts as ZZ Top, The Police, The Rolling Stones, Toto, and Kiss.

What makes these designs so popular is their distinctive and relatively noise-free sound quality, claim the manufacturers. Part of the reason behind this sound is that they employ two resonant frequencies acting independently, instead of the usual one.

All EMG pickups are priced at £47.50 each, or for the economy conscious, £89.90 a pair and £106.95 for a set of three, should you require that many. A range of accessories, including a phase inverter, a presence control, and a booster pre-amp are also available.

EFR Guitars Ltd., (Contact Details).

Micro Musical Limited have developed a microprocessor-based modification to the Casiotone CT-1000P polyphonic synthesizer. This modification, designated Micro Link System ML-1, will allow an external drum machine to be linked to the CT-1000P arpeggio/sequencing system. It consists of a pre-assembled printed circuit module which is easily fitted inside the CT-1000P with solderless connections.

The ML-1 system is available in three forms: as a modification kit to allow existing CT-1000P owners to upgrade their own instrument; designated ML-1 (MK), as a laboratory fitted modification to existing owners' own instruments, designated ML-1 (L), or already fitted to a new production CT-1000P; designated CT-1000P (PML).

The Micro Link system ML-1 will fully control and synchronise an external drum machine to the CT-1000P in both UP-DOWN and PROGRAMMED modes. The following facilities are available: Operator selection of 8 choices of ratios between arpeggios and drum machine, enabling an exciting range of musical expression. Ratios can be chosen to give 'double time', 'half time', 'triplet', 'waltz', or 'six eight' feel. Operation in both MEMORY ON and MEMORY OFF modes, allowing various options of performance styles to suit every artistic requirement. Several 'Stop', 'Start' mode options to provide fully professional 'breaks', 'intros' and 'finishes'. Operation in the CT-1000P PROGRAMMED SEQUENCE mode allows for long complex arpeggio patterns fully synchronised to the drum machine.

Prices are £75.00 for the ML-1 (MK) 'Do it Yourself' kit, and £99.00 for the ML-1(L) laboratory fitted option. A new CT-1000P upgraded with the ML-1 system is priced at £355.00.

The modified Roland Boss DR-55 drum machine required is available laboratory upgraded at £85.00. Existing owners of the DR-55 can carry out the modification themselves using the DR-55 (MK) modification kit priced at £4.50.

Information from Micro Musical Ltd (Contact Details)

E&MM drum consultant Warren Cann is to launch a new record company this month with partner Hans Zimmer. Label name will be ZiCa, and they plan a release of their first single of their own 'Helden' music, as performed at the London Planetarium. The pair are also involved in the recording of music for a TV series on cars and they recently performed with singer Ronnie at the Brewery Arts Centre in October.

Friday, November 11 1983 sees the opening of the first Scottish Home Computer & Electronics Show, which is being held in the new Anderston Exhibition Centre in the heart of Glasgow.

The show, which is being promoted in the Evening Times and organised by Trade Exhibitions Scotland, Crieff, will introduce some of the newest ideas in Home Computers, Video Entertainment, Computerised Keyboard Instruments, Hi-Fi, C.B. Equipment, and many other features. Leading authors on 'Computer Concepts' will be in attendance throughout the show to autograph copies of their own publications.

This show could be one of the most interesting and entertaining exhibitions of its kind Scotland has ever seen - so be sure to attend.

E&MM contributor Steve Howell has asked us to mention his electronic music radio programme, now in its second month on CBC, Cardiff's independent radio station. Steve goes on the air at 7.40pm each Wednesday, and the programme last 20 minutes. Topics covered so far include the Fairlight and Minimoog, plus features on the music of Thomas Dolby, Larry Fast, and Depeche Mode. Those readers resident in the South Wales area (and perhaps some further afield: we're told it's sometimes possible to pick up CBC in Bristol) may be interested to know that the Cardiff station are to be found on 221m medium wave, 96kHz VHF.

If the programme is a success, it may inspire other local radio stations (and perhaps national networks) to stage similar shows, and put electronic music (rather belatedly) firmly on the broadcasting map.

JVC's MD Mr Lowy presenting Bill Sharpe of Shakatak with his special KB700.

Pictured are Mr Lowy, Chairman and Managing Director of JVC (UK) Ltd and Bill Sharpe of Shakatak at the presentation of a special silver JVC KB700 at the JVC organ trade show, held at the Drury Lane Hotel at the same time as the London Music Show.

Due to so many enquiries being received by JVC about the special silvered keyboard, played by Bill on the last Shakatak tour, they now intend to produce this as an option in their range.

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Electronics & Music Maker - Nov 1983

Donated & scanned by: Stewart Lawler


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