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On this month’s RE:MIX mixed-mode CD...

The words behind the sounds on this month’s CD

About Re:Mix

Re:Mix combines normal CD audio with software readable by a computer’s or sampler’s CD-ROM drive. The software will not harm your CD player, but it will make an unpleasant sound - so if you value your speakers, don’t play track 1!

Most modern CD-ROM drives can also play audio CDs, so computer users get the best of both worlds. And don’t worry about file compatibility. Your CD-ROM drive - PC, Mac, or Akai - will simply recognise compatible files and allow you to open only those files.

Track by Track

Software Section

(track 1)
Unlike some other magazines, the mix offers you a vast amount of software in its CD-ROM partitions - nearly 60Mb's worth this month, in fact. Here's what you'll find in your CD-ROM drive...


Mark Of The Unicorn Freestyle
This new sequencer is like no other you've seen. Specifically designed for the songwriter, it allows an alternative approach to sequencing. This demo version is fully operational. However, you can't save songs, and only one page of notation will print out.


G-Vox video demo
A complete sequencing, notation and instructional system for guitarists. See what this software and hardware package can do for you - watch it come to life on video for windows.

'Wave To' sample converter
Try out this excellent sample editing and conversion program, which can be used with a host of modern sample-based synths including the Yamaha SY85, Korg T3, and Gem S2.


Heavenly Music samples
A world first for a music-magazine CD-ROM: not content with partitions for Mac and PC, we've now got a third partition for Akai samplers. This month we have a range of percussion sounds - look out for more next month. For floppy copies, just stick a disk in yer Akai, and it'll do the rest.

The sounds are as follows:

BIGBRT BD1 Big, bright bass drum 1, a general-purpose kick drum
STUDIO BD1 Studio bass drum 1, deep but clear kick - good for dance or ballads.
REVKIK 1 Reverbed kick - use an envelope on the sample to vary the decay time.
2TRBS Kick drum from a couple of tribes (geddit?)
HIGH SNR1 High snare 1 - nice, tight general-purpose snare
STUDIO SNR1 Studio snare 1 - good, general-purpose snare
FAT + DRY Quincy's used this one a lot
BRITESNR 1 Bright snare 1 - great for uptempo/dance
REVERBSNR 1 Reverbed snare 1
STUDIOTOM1 Nice, solid general-purpose tom
LO TOM1 Just another nice tom
MONSTERTOM Probably the most monstrous tom you've ever heard...
SOFTSYNTOM Soft, synth tom - try it on a reggae track
STUDIOCLAP Dry, general-purpose claps
AMBCLP 1 See notes for REVKIK 1
505 CRASH Alternated looped cymbal
CLEAN RIDE General-purpose ride
OPEN HAT1 Use decay to obtain the closed version if memory is a problem, or there is a limit on number of samples
CLOSEDHAT1 General-purpose closed hat
STUDIORIM General purpose rim shot
CONGA-L-1 Round open rim
HI CONGA O Round open conga
CONGA SLAP Conga slap
TAMBO 1 Loose-ish tambourine.

Audio Section

2 Introduction
MC Magnus takes a break from his busy schedule of club appearances to present The Mix on CD. Take it away. Dr Daddy-O...

On the right track with Strangeways - see track 3

3 Strangeways: 'The Great Awakening'
This exclusive remix shows what you can achieve with a church full of gear and a head full of ideas. Find out about this band's quest for artistic autonomy on page 118.

4-9 Roland SDX330
Marvel at the depth that Roland's Sound Space technology (RSS) can bring to your music. For a full appraisal, see page 22.

10 Teknik: '2000'
Jonathan Russell, alias Teknik, takes his inspiration from the German tradition of electronic music - listen to how he adds his own twist to the genre. See Rough Mix on page 168 for a review.

11-34 Fairlight samples
Turn your sampler into a Fairlight CMI Series IIx with these classic samples from Digital Domain. For a full appraisal of this innovative sample CD, see page 131.

35 Andy Partridge & Harold Budd: 'Bosch'
This piece is exclusive to The Mix, and was spawned from their recent recordings for the album Through The Hill. Read about it in Mixing It! (starting page 10).

36 Gating tutorial
All you need to know about using noise gates with Contributing Editor, Bob Dormon. Turn to page 154 for the accompanying text.

37 Mesh: 'Sympathy'
The industrial revolution is far from over, as proved by our second unsigned act this month, Mesh. Samples, synths and sequencers are meat and potatoes for this Bristol-based band.

38 UK Electronica preview
The festival that features live, hi-tech music continues to grow into the '90s with new ambient, industrial and techno acts combined with a superb laser and light show. Find out who's playing at this year's extravaganza...

39-46 Loopisms sample loops
Read the review in Toolbox (starting page 131), then decide for yourself by sampling these tasty dance loops and one-hit sounds from d-zone.

47-53 Sound modules: Yamaha TG300, E-mu Proteus & Korg X3R
See how these three popular sound modules compare in our three-way test. You'll hear the following sounds on each of the modules in the above order: strings, acoustic guitar, fretless bass, marimba, alto sax, analogue synth, combination sounds. For a full review, turn to page 28.

54 Andy Partridge & Harold Budd: 'Breughel'
Another exclusive track from Messrs Partridge & Budd, after MC Magnus' farewell message.

Goodbye, kids - next month Mr Poppa Stoppa will again take you through our winning formula of software, samples, equipment demos, tutorials and new music. See you then!

Our sincere thanks to: Ian Stewart, Jonathan Russell, Andy Partridge, Harold Budd, Mesh, and Mark Jenkins for their help in producing this month's CD.

Theme and incidental music written and produced by Nigel Lord.

Track 3 courtesy of John Henry Enterprises
Tracks 11-34 courtesy of Digital Domain
Tracks 35 & 54 courtesy of All Saints Records
Track 38 courtesy of AMP Records
Tracks 39-46 courtesy of d-zone

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The Mix - Copyright: Music Maker Publications (UK), Future Publishing.


The Mix - Aug 1994

Donated by: Colin Potter

Coverdisc: Mike Gorman

Re:Mix #2 Tracklisting:

02 Introduction
03 The Great Awakening
04 Roland SDX330 - Lifted Chorus
05 Roland SDX330 - Vintage CE2
06 Roland SDX330 - E.Piano Ensemble
07 Roland SDX330 - Like Buttah!
08 Roland SDX330 - Sizzle On Top
09 Roland SDX330 - Slow Spinner
10 Teknik: 2000
11 Digital Domain Fairlight samples - 1
12 Digital Domain Fairlight samples - 2
13 Digital Domain Fairlight samples - 3
14 Digital Domain Fairlight samples - 4
15 Digital Domain Fairlight samples - 5
16 Digital Domain Fairlight samples - 6
17 Digital Domain Fairlight samples - 7
18 Digital Domain Fairlight samples - 8
19 Digital Domain Fairlight samples - 9
20 Digital Domain Fairlight samples - 10
21 Digital Domain Fairlight samples - 11
22 Digital Domain Fairlight samples - 12
23 Digital Domain Fairlight samples - 13
24 Digital Domain Fairlight samples - 14
25 Digital Domain Fairlight samples - 15
26 Digital Domain Fairlight samples - 16
27 Digital Domain Fairlight samples - 17
28 Digital Domain Fairlight samples - 18
29 Digital Domain Fairlight samples - 19
30 Digital Domain Fairlight samples - 20
31 Digital Domain Fairlight samples - 21
32 Digital Domain Fairlight samples - 22
33 Digital Domain Fairlight samples - 23
34 Digital Domain Fairlight samples - 24
35 Partridge/Budd: Bosch
36 Noise-gating tutorial
37 Mesh: Sympathy
38 UK Electronica festival preview
39 Loopisms loops & single sounds - 1
40 Loopisms loops & single sounds - 2
41 Loopisms loops & single sounds - 3
42 Loopisms loops & single sounds - 4
43 Loopisms loops & single sounds - 5
44 Loopisms loops & single sounds - 6
45 Loopisms loops & single sounds - 7
46 Loopisms loops & single sounds - 8
47 3-way test (TG300, Proteus, X3R) - 1
48 3-way test (TG300, Proteus, X3R) - 2
49 3-way test (TG300, Proteus, X3R) - 3
50 3-way test (TG300, Proteus, X3R) - 4
51 3-way test (TG300, Proteus, X3R) - 5
52 3-way test (TG300, Proteus, X3R) - 6
53 3-way test (TG300, Proteus, X3R) - 7
54 Partridge/Budd: Breughel

This disk has been archived in full and disk images and further downloads are available at - Re:Mix #2.


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